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Wildlife Tours

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Indian peninsula is a continent in itself where the sheer diversity of the wildlife astounds you with more than 350 species of mammals and 1200 avifauna species in the country.
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Hill Stations in India

The people want to do only one thing in the cities during the summers – they want to get away from it. They want a cool getaway in India itself where they can have some respite from the scorching heat of the plains.
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East India Tours

East India Tours

Welcome to the region which was the first to be industrialized in India. Even today, there are many corporate houses that are still based in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Come to the eastern part of India as there are many surprises (pleasant ones, of course) that await you on your tour here. The eastern India is home to the rivers such as Ganga and Brahmaputra. The area in the east of the Vindhyan range is said to be the eastern India which goes up to the mist clad mountains of north eastern India. It is in Arunachal Pradesh, a north eastern state that sees the sunshine first in the morning. The lush green tea gardens of Assam and Darjeeling are another attraction where some of the finest tea of the world is produced. Therefore the tour packages to the region offer a whole range of exciting vacation possibilities.

West Bengal
Delhi might be the political capital of India and Mumbai might be the commercial capital, yet it is only Kolkata which can claim to be the intellectual capital of India. The city has produced various poets, thinkers and film directors of international repute who have taken the name of the region to another level altogether. It was the first headquarter of the East India Company as well and that explains why most of the monuments of the city were built by the British. Darjeeling is the most popular and toured hill resort of West Bengal which was often called a slice of England and is a part of the most of East India Tour Packages.

Located on the coast of Bay of Bengal, Orissa is a fascinating combination of ancient glory as well as modern endeavour. The state also boasts of a long and rich cultural heritage which was shaped by various rulers and their dynasties in the past. The traditional arts and crafts have still been preserved and you’d be surprised to see these artists still at work.

It is the largest state in the north eastern India which also serves as a gateway for the region. The Brahmaputra river flows through the state which boasts of a variety of wildlife which can only be compared with the one seen in Africa. The major handicraft items are made from cane and bamboo which are an inseparable part of life of Assam. Though it’s difficult to cover entire Assam in one tour package, we can at least make a beginning.

This part of the eastern India was the scene of main activity during the age of Lord Buddha and Jain Tirthankaras. Bihar has also seen the rise and fall of various empires. With these tumultuous events behind it, the state is sure to have a surfeit of monuments each of which have a story of their own to tell. Just visit Patna, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Vaishali among others to have a look at these treasures of history.

Arunachal Pradesh
It is a sparsely populated state though the density of tourism attractions is as good as other states, if not better. The capital of the state is located at the foothills which is also referred to as a mini India as people from all over the country have settled here and live with each other in harmony.