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Wildlife Tours

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Indian peninsula is a continent in itself where the sheer diversity of the wildlife astounds you with more than 350 species of mammals and 1200 avifauna species in the country.
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Hill Stations in India

The people want to do only one thing in the cities during the summers – they want to get away from it. They want a cool getaway in India itself where they can have some respite from the scorching heat of the plains.
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Islamic Rajasthan Pilgrim Places

No Rajasthan pilgrimage tour is complete, without visiting the Dargah Sharif in Ajmer. The Ajmer Sharif is a shrine dedicated to Khwaja-Moinuddin-Chisti, a revered Sufi Saint who was said to be one of the direct descendents of the Prophet Mohammed.

The festival of Urs is held every year in this City, to commemorate his memory. Every year thousands of devotees, belonging to all castes and creed throng the City of Ajmer and celebrate this festival in honour of the Saint. The structure of the Shrine is exquisite and is an outcome of the patronage of the various Mughal and Rajput Kings.

Everyone is welcome at the Dargah Sharif, Ajmer and in India it has become the definitive symbol of communal harmony.

There are various other temples in Rajasthan that are devoted to various religions. It is difficult to enlist all of them but some of the important ones are:

» The Temples of Ranakpur
» Parsvanath Temple, Nakoda
» Rishabdeo Temple, Dhulve
» Ganesh Temple, Moti Dungari
» The Temple of Pushkar
» Tarkin Ki Dargah, Nagaur