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Wildlife Tours

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Indian peninsula is a continent in itself where the sheer diversity of the wildlife astounds you with more than 350 species of mammals and 1200 avifauna species in the country.
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Hill Stations in India

The people want to do only one thing in the cities during the summers – they want to get away from it. They want a cool getaway in India itself where they can have some respite from the scorching heat of the plains.
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More Destinations

Moti Dungri

Moti Dungri or Pearl Hill is a small hill that rises delicately in the middle of Jaipur City. Perched on this hilltop is an exotic palace designed to replicate a Scottish Castle. This was the home of Maharaja Madho Singh's son. It is still a royal property and in the recent past has also been home to Rajmata Gayatri Devi.

The Ganesh Temple on the hill is the highlight of Moti Dungri and is known for its architectural beauty and auspiciousness. Such is the fame of this temple that visitors from all over come to offer their prayers and get blessings from Lord Ganesha.