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Wildlife Tours

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Indian peninsula is a continent in itself where the sheer diversity of the wildlife astounds you with more than 350 species of mammals and 1200 avifauna species in the country.
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Hill Stations in India

The people want to do only one thing in the cities during the summers – they want to get away from it. They want a cool getaway in India itself where they can have some respite from the scorching heat of the plains.
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Sardar Samand Lake

Jodhpur Lakes are a must-see in the tourist-map of Rajasthan. The foremost amongst Jodhpur Lakes is the Sardar Samand Lake, built in 1933 by Maharaja Umaid Singh. This lovely lake lies 60 km for Jodhpur, and the ride to the lake is also very interesting. As you go towards the lake you might just catch sight of some of the wild life, indigenous to Rajasthan, namely Chinkaras, Black Bucks, and Neelgais.

Your road to Sardar Samand Lake passes through numerous villages inhabited by the Bishnois of Rajasthan. The Bishnois are known for their passionate efforts to save and conserve the animal and plant life of the region. This serene and tranquil lake not only attracts numerous tourists but also migratory birds that are seen in a spectrum of colors.

Standing proudly on the banks of the Sardar Samand Lake is the grand summer palace of the royal family of Jodhpur, which is now the Sardar Samand Lake resort. You can take a walk in the sprawling gardens and lush grounds of the resort, which offer some breathtaking views of the Sardar Samand Lake.