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Wildlife Tours

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Indian peninsula is a continent in itself where the sheer diversity of the wildlife astounds you with more than 350 species of mammals and 1200 avifauna species in the country.
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Hill Stations in India

The people want to do only one thing in the cities during the summers – they want to get away from it. They want a cool getaway in India itself where they can have some respite from the scorching heat of the plains.
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South India Tours

Holidays to South India are extremely popular. With tourist states that include Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, visitors can choose to explore destinations like Mysore, Coorg, Pondicherry, Kodaikanal, Ooty and Madurai. South India has the best of beaches, hills and tea estates. It’s a complete family out there in the south of India. Before meeting the family members, you’ll do well to get used to some of the clichés that surround the tourism atmosphere in the south India. The fact that south India has remained untouched by invasions has been oversold by us. In this process, we often tend to forget that the vibrant culture and the precious heritage of south India is something that is special in itself. There are so many things about the region that cannot be found anywhere else. So let us embark on a journey that celebrates south India just the way it is.

Tourism without Hype
Enjoy your vacations in a place which is devoid of all the hype generally associated with other tourism destinations. But, you’ll soon find out that what is missing is only hype. The attractions, some of the most interesting ones, are very much there.

The Land of Tradition
It is also known among the people as a land of heritage and tradition where dignified temples and imposing Gopurams mark their presence along with the pristine beaches, green paddy fields and the long coastline. There are four states in the south India which include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. There are some of the finest sandy beaches along the coastal belts of south India, both along the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The region has two mountain ranges, Western and Eastern Ghats as well as several monuments that tell the story of evolution of civilization and events in the region. Now that you are ready to meet the family members, let’s meet them one by one.

Karnataka excites all your senses through the numerous gifts that the land has been bestowed with, be it the Carnatic Music or the incense sticks that are manufactured here. The state is well endowed with monuments, temples and wildlife and is also famous for its aromatic coffee and sandalwood plantations. Karnataka used to be a centre of the cultural activity in the past whereas now it is more of a fast growing industrial state that buzzes with economic activity.

Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh, with more than 1000 km of coastline, is uniquely positioned to give you an equally unique tourism experience as it combines beaches and mountains seamlessly with history. The place is as much known for its legendary dynasties as it is for the most revered Hindu Temple, Tirupati.

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is a land which has a very rich Dravidian culture and history behind it. The great powers that have ruled here include the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Pallavas and the Vijaynagar empire. These great powers have left behind some spectacular monuments and other remnants of their reign.

Last but not the least, Kerala tours offer you with a unique opportunity to get into the history of the place and get back to the days when traders from all over the world traveled to Kerala to discover the opportunities and magic of the region.