Deepa Parab, a furious and strong lady who has the passion to fulfil her dreams. She is the founder of the first lady bouncer group in Maharashtra, the Ranaragini Lady Bouncer Group. She is bold, energetic, fearless, and honest. We bring to you a glimpse of my conversation with her.

Q) You have established the first lady bouncer group in Maharashtra. What inspired you?

A) As I was working in the film industry, I saw these male bouncers in black uniforms. I felt they were the shadow of police and the police uniform was always my dream. So, I discussed it with the husband and decided to do the same.

Q) What is the eligibility to become a woman bouncer in your group?

A) In 2016, when I started, it was very tough. To assemble even 5 ladies, I had to contact at least 30. It was also hard to find women as per the requirements like height, age, and fitness. We needed women who were at least 5″4, with weight over 60 kg, fit, and had a zeal to do something in life. Especially, women who were unable to clear police examinations and their dreams were incomplete, I tried finding those women. I was then able to collect 8-10 ladies, but it took time. I was able to create a team at the ending of 2017. Then, I also started a requirement for married ladies who were not educated and wanted to do something in life. It’s a great profile, with a good income, where you can meet celebrities, and there is so much respect.

Q) Many people associated the bouncer job with men. What were the struggles that you faced when you established Ranaragini Lady Bouncer Group?

A)The biggest struggle we face was trust. We used to hear a lot, ladies don’t have enough strength to do this job. I agree men are physically stronger than women, but there are so many things that men can’t handle and we do. We were insulted at so many events. But when we offered security to 5-10 lakhs people for 24 hours, then they saluted us. But, we have to prove that.

Q) How did you define the struggles that you face during covid?

A) 2 years ago, we didn’t even have time to eat. During the festival of ‘Dahi-Handi’, more than 100 lady bouncers used to work. There was so much work and enjoyment. As covid began, we faced work loss. My husband and I decided to do something. I used to sprinkle pesticides on my mother’s farm. So, I used the same machine and began my work of sanitization. And soon we got so many calls and work. I had worked in the covid positive area. I was appreciated for my work and was awarded by the Maharashtra government as the first lady to start the sanitization work.

Q) Your message to society?

A) My only message is that when you see a dream, be stubborn to achieve it. Be patient, and you will get the chance to fulfil your dreams. God gives opportunity to everyone. When an opportunity is knocking at your door, open it. I did the same. I started my career at the age of 43. Deepa Parab is an inspiration to many. She proves that you are never too old to dream and achieve it.