The International Automobile Federation (FIA) introduced a new format of Formula 1 racing, the F1 Sprint. It is a mini race of about a 100km distance which was held on 17th July before the British Grand Prix on the ultra-fast track of Silverstone. The qualifying round for the sprint grid was held a day before the race which resulted in the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton with the fastest lap of 1:26:134 and leading the F1 grid for the sprint followed by the Red Bull star Max Verstappen with a time of 1:26:209. On the day of sprint, with Lewis Hamilton leading the grid, the lights went out and the fierce battle for the forefront between Verstappen and Hamilton started off. A slow start from Hamilton gave Verstappen the golden opportunity to lead the race right before the opening Abbey Bend. Once he got the lead with his unreal pace, he did not give even a single chance to Hamilton to overtake him. Keeping a cool mind for the rest of the race, the young Dutchman vanquished the Mercedes star to become the winner of the first ever F1 sprint. After the tough race, Hamilton said that the worst thing that happened and he regretted was the start. He mentioned that if he had another chance, he would have done a better start which would have eventually resulted in him winning the race. The sprint win awarded Max earned 3 points, Hamilton 2 points and Valtteri Bottas 1 point for the driver’s championship. No other driver gained any points as per the rules of the sprint race. After ushering his way through the race, Max was happy that he had a great start which surely gave him the upper hand in the race over Lewis. Max was already so pumped with this win that he was looking forward to the main event on Sunday- the British Grand Prix. Verstappen has become a tough competitor for Hamilton because of his exceptional skills and Honda’s powerful engine being cherry on the top! But the experience and commitment that the extremely talented Lewis Hamilton beholds will play an important role in the forthcoming race! It will be an eye catching race where we will see the hunger of these racers to win the championship, putting everything they have to offer on the line!