The British Grand Prix kicked off in Silverstone, the home of some impeccable drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russel. From the results of the F1 sprint, the astonishing young Dutchman Max Verstappen was leading the grid in pole position with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas right behind his tail. It was an important race for the Mercedes show stopper Lewis Hamilton as it would take him closer to Max Verstappen in the driver’s championship. The lights went off and the race began with a flaming start between the two championship leaders. It was crucial for both the drivers to finish P1 at the end of first lap because that would give them a big advantage throughout the race. Verstappen, with his overwhelming pace was trying to maintain his lead as the big gun of F1, Lewis Hamilton was pushing him hard on the Silverstone speed turns. Hamilton was too determined to take the lead and so was Verstappen which made them go neck to neck nearly halfway through the first lap and they made a vicious contact which caused Max’s Red Bull to go spinning off the track and hit the rubber wall quite dangerously and the red flag was up!
The Red Bull’s car was shattered into pieces out of which Verstappen made out safely. This collision gave Ferrari’s rising star Charles Leclerc the lead to the race and Hamilton got a 10 second time penalty for colliding with the Red Bull. Max was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures and he was ok. Charles was able to maintain the lead till the 50th lap after which Lewis Hamilton came in like a raging tornado to take the lead back from Leclerc. Hamilton won the British Grand Prix for the 8th time and it got him closer on the points table with Verstappen. Most people in the world think that the crash was Hamilton’s fault because of which he was racially abused over the internet. Unhappy with the crash, Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner exclaimed that Hamilton was not driving fair and it was just dirty driving from his side. Turning like that at one of the fastest turns in the world, Copse, was a bad decision by Hamilton according to Horner. At the end, Max is still leading the points table with Hamilton closer to him than ever. It will be an extremely savage competition in the Hungarian Grand Prix between these two drivers which we will see on 1st August, 2021.