At Tokyo Olympics 2021, India vs Ireland hockey match, India retains their dream of winning an Olympic medal. This time Rani Rampal’s India Women Hockey team has participated in a women’s hockey tournament at Tokyo Olympics and faced a do-or-die situation against Ireland’s team. The Indian team’s win is no ordinary as the match got intensified during the last hours. The was a crucial win for the team, as the score was 1-0.
Indian Women’s hockey team pulled their primary and very first victory at the Tokyo Olympics in India vs Ireland match. This victory signifies their ambition to stay alive in the quarterfinals. For now, the Indian team is having one point lead against Ireland. The team’s next match is going to be against the Republic of South Africa in their final match of Pool A according to the fixture or schedule at Tokyo Olympics. A delayed goal by Ms. Navneet Kaur against Ireland’s team gave the Indian women’s team a good start and their first, win. The win is celebrated or in talks now is because the complete match was played under pressure by both the teams. If Navneet Kaur had failed to attempt the goal, Ireland’s team would have won by a single point. Following the schedule, Ireland is supposed to have a difficult game against Great Britain. If Ireland fails to grab a win in this match and India places its victory against the Republic of South Africa then the Indian team will reach straight to the next pool as they will be existing 4th in the pool.
Navneet Kaur’s last goal in the match finalizes a 1-0 win for India in India vs Ireland at the Tokyo Olympics under the hockey category. India is all set to keep themselves till the quarterfinals and finals.
The Indian women’s hockey team has won against Ireland 1-0 at the Oi Hockey Stadium North Pitch this Friday.
As a consequence, India’s expectations are high of propelling themselves to the quarter-finals of the women’s hockey tournament. Their dream of getting an Olympic medal continues unchanged. Previously, the Rani Rampal-led Women’s Hockey team had licked defeat in their initial three matches at Tokyo Olympics. This is their first, registered victory.

Highlights of India vs Ireland women’s hockey match

The first quarter between India and Ireland registered no goals. The score remained unchanged from 0-0 after the completion of the first 15 minutes.
The second quarter followed the same happening. No goal was registered till halftime and till the end of the second quarter. Both the teams were under pressure in this situation as none of the team saw any goal until now.
Surprisingly, no goal was made in the third quarter as well. Nevertheless, Navneet Kaur ultimately smashed the standstill in the fourth quarter and delivered a goal that gave India a single-point lead within the last three minutes of playtime. In the end, India managed to win by a 1-0 triumph.