Momos are the most delectable and mouth-watering fast food dish that has been brought to us by our neighbours in Nepal. You will find at least one out of every 10 people in India, who will say “Momos are to die for!” Momo is a kind of steamed dumpling in East and South Asia. It is endemic to certain areas of the Himalayas, including India, Tibet and Nepal. But it has proven to be the most popular over a larger Indian region. Us Indians are a crazy bunch when it comes to street food. We thrive off it. Throw in a momo chutney in the mix, and you will not find one Momo outlet going deserted.

Types of Momos –

As it does in India, momos did not remain just a steamed dumpling dish. With different version of it and trying to Indianize this dish, you can now find momos in a variety of different types – vegetarian and non-vegetarian momos, fried, gravy (with or without fried noodles) and now even tandoori momos! There are many more varieties of momos available in different areas of India. These different types are popularizing momos even further. They are very quickly becoming a regular street food in the same category as samosas and chaat.

Why do people love momos?

Being so widely popular and a wanted dish in every part of India, momos have become very easily available and affordable. They have become a staple food for all students and bachelors everywhere. After a long hard day of work and school or college, we all just want to go home and sit on our bed in cosy clothes with a nice hot plate of our comfort food. For most of us from the Gen Z, Gen X and Millennial generations, that comfort food is momos with the very tasty and spicy momo chutney. Even though we have particular favourite momo outlets, we know that it doesn’t really matter where we eat momos. All that matters is that plate of hot momos with mayonnaise and the momo chutney. The first bite of momos after a day of rigorous hard work, is why you go to work, in the first place. And we don’t even care if it burns our tongues, we are having that first bite of the momos, the minute it comes to us.
With the increasing love for momos in every Indian’s heart, a lot of Momo Festivals have been organised all over the country. In 2018, world’s largest momo festival, GoBuzzinga, was organised in Delhi with over 300 different types of momos, where people joined and attended the festival by hundreds and thousands. In the same year, GoBuzzinga, also came to Ahmedabad on 22nd and 23rd September. Momos have become a part of our lifestyles and we have gotten into a habit of them. Any time a momo cafe shuts down, a lot of times, you will find another momo cafe coming up in its place. Crazing after food and street food, especially, has always been a signature Indian thing. Well, what else can be said? We cannot and will not live without momos!