You could get there by a train, a bus or a car. It is going to be a long travel, but when you get there, the beauty of this small hill village will refresh your senses and fill you with peace. Samsing is approximately 600 kilometers from Kolkata, 78 kilometers from Siliguri and a 2 hour travel away from Baghdogra. People prefer taking the roads because of what they offer; tea gardens, lush green forests, and valleys surround you on all the sides.
Climate: Samsing is a cold, foggy place with high rainfall and a general tourist spot like environment. Mist surrounds this place and the Himalayan winds frequent it. It has an elevation of about 3000 feet and is in the foothills of the Himalaya, thus inheriting the weather features of the majestic mountains.
Tourism: The major attractions are the forests, the tea gardens and the unspoilt beauty of nature. Trekking, bird watching, and picnicking in the many local picnic spots also puts Samsing as one of the best places to visit. Not only is Samsing a vast place by itself, it is also a hub to a lot of other interesting places nearby. Suntalekhola, Rocky Island and the Dooars are a popular attraction. The amusements available at these other places branch out to enough activities to fill your vacation, no matter what age you are or your gender. You can see the distant hills of Bhutan from atop Samsing and the view will be memorable.
The Tea Gardens and the Wildlife: More than half of Samsing is a tea estate that is owned by the Jalpaiguri district. During the colonial period, these estates were owned by British companies. These tea gardens employ a large chunk of the local population. The other major employer is the tourism sector of Samsing. These gardens produce over a quarter of India’s total tea crops. Samsing and its surroundings has a variety of birds and animals. There are colourful birds and a diverse animal life. The wildlife sanctuaries here are some of the richest in India. The Gorumara and the Jaldhapara national parks are the most important wildlife reserves here. You might come across the barred owl species, if you are lucky!
Accommodation: Mayfair tea resort is an excellent hotel near Siliguri. A lot of other premium resorts surround this tourist spot, ensuring competitive prices and excellent stay quality. The costs range from about a thousand rupees per night to a whopping twenty thousand rupees for the highest quality of vacation. And for tasting a variety of tea that is grown in these foothills. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve a booking for a visit to this wonderful place and come home changed!