In accordance with the Tokyo Olympics 2021 schedule, Indian sprinter, Revathi Veeramani will be representing India in the 4×400 m relay race on the 30th of July. The 23-year-old Revathi Veeramani is all set to participate in the race with an Indian jersey on the front line of the race at Tokyo Olympics 2021. A dream is soon turning to reality for her as she has been dreaming about representing India for the previous few years. How well do you know about sprinter Revathi Veeramani? Here, is a detailed background of Revathi Veeramani and her career journey to the Tokyo Olympics track.

Background of Revathi Veeramini

Revathi Veeramani has been brought up by her grandmother. The 76-year-old grandmother residing in Madurai is overwhelmed by her granddaughter’s achievement. The more to add here is that she has brought up Revathi all by herself. When Revathi was barely six years old, both her parents departed in an accident. From then, she and her sister are being taken care by her grandmother. Revathi belongs to a village in Sakkimangalam, Madurai. As a single guardian, K Arammal, Revathi’s grandmother has to hear a lot from her relatives and other villagers about the difficulty in upbringing two girl children. Some suggested K Arammal to allow Revathi to work so she could help in maintaining the financial needs of the family or fix Revathi’s marriage in order to lessen her burden. Despite all these restrictions and awful remarks her grandmother firmly set her mind to not leave any opportunity in upbringing her granddaughters. She guaranteed that both her granddaughters obtained reasonable education and furnish them with chances to pursue their fantasies. Unarguably, after reading the newspaper the villagers congratulated Revathi and her proud grandmother on her accomplishment.

Career kick-start

Revathi was enrolled in a hostel from class II to XII to complete her education by her grandmother. Sports did not excite her back then. But, when was in 9th standard her physical education teacher could make out that she could run faster than her peer, and motivated her to participate in zonal and district level competitions in 100m and 200 m races. Later, in her 12th standard, she got selected in the Madurai race event and got a pious opportunity to meet K Kannan, the trainer who supported her to chase her dreams.
Mr. K Kannan decided to train her after watching her potential and performance. Revathi explained to the coach that she belongs to a poor family and could not afford the travel expenses as it took her about Rs 40 every day to travel from her village to the racecourse. The coach promised that he would assist her to get admission to a nearby college through sports quota. Revathi got enrolled in Lady Doak College in Madurai for BA Tamil, got free admission in the hostel, and commenced her training sessions under the guidance of her coach. She measured her improvement and started earning medals in 100m and 200m competitions. Revathi leveled up her career journey in 2019, after receiving a call from the Indian camp in Punjab.


Revathi adds that when she was in school days, she wasn’t much aware of opportunities in sports. She encourages the young generation to dream like her and grab all the opportunities to display their inborn potential. She brings hope for the children who are not that privileged and says to enter a hostel as she did for her sports training. These institutions will furnish them with support and the right training. At last, don’t give up on your dreams and perform better every single day to reach your desired destination.