On the 7th of June in Chennai, A court in India requested the state and national bureaucrats on Monday to compose proposals for comprehensive and broad reforms to honor, respect LGBT freedoms. The court announced the statement in a verdict that got on a distant overlook and surpassed the narrow phrases of a case. The case was drawn by a lesbian couple who claimed that they are victimized or harassed by the police.

About the case

It is said that Madras High Court takes decisions in favor of the lesbian couple. Judge Anand Venkatesh of the same court also ruled in approval of the couple. The couple has put forward a complaint against a police personnel whom the couple has accused of harassing them. As per the couple, the policeman asked them oppressing questions regarding their parents and also issued a missing person report.
It’s quite a considerable viewpoint of the judge that he utilized this case as an unusual opportunity to work for the LGBTQIA+ community rights. He used the case to hand out a widespread verdict that orders the eradication of what he narrated as illicit intolerance, not in favor of the people belonging to the LGBTQIA+ society. He ruled the state and national government divisions to acknowledge him back with powerful actions that they plan against the hardships faced by the LGBTQIA+ community to empower and support them.

Judge's recommendations

The judge shares his recommendations on this, stating that government servers, officials, and police should undergo an awareness training program to assure they honor and respect LGBT rights. He also suggested that medical practitioners who contend to have found a way for the curation of homosexuality, their licenses should be abolished.
He added that schools and colleges should inaugurate gender impartial or gender-neutral restrooms in their premises. Gender-nonconforming or trans prisoners, if needed can be resided individually or separately in order to safeguard them from any form of sexual assault.
Judge Anand Venkatesh composed his order asserting that “Ignorance is no justification for normalizing any form of discrimination,”. Education is what needed more to bring necessary awareness, so he said that educators should increase their availability to parents and help them normalize. His order reads out as “sensitize parents on issues of LGBTQIA+ community and gender nonconforming students, to ensure supportive families.”

In conclusion

Several activists and supporters applauded the order as a crucial notch in the way for equality for alienated communities. As it’s quite impossible for the government body to bring sudden awareness through a single verdict, but we people can individually contribute to bringing subtle awareness in people surrounding us.
L Ramakrishnan, vice-president at SAATHII, a Chennai-based public health advocacy organization announced a statement saying that “this is the first major order that addresses most challenges concerning the whole LGBTQIA+ community and issues specific directions.” He added, “I am hopeful of change given the judge has indicated he would follow up on the directions on a regular basis.”