When we talk about hill stations, we always think about Uttrakhand or Himachal Pradesh. But, in the heart of Chattisgarh, breaths an underrated and majestic hill station, Manipat. Known as ‘Shimla of Chattisgarh’, it’s a heaven, surrounded by untouched rivulets, dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls, deep valleys, and lush pastures. This hill station is yet to be commercialized and that means very few tourists visit this beautiful spot. Owing to its large Tibetan population and its influence, it is also known as Mini Tibet. After the invasion of China over Tibet, the refugees rehabilitated and found a home in Manipat. 

Tourist Attraction In Manipat-

One of the magnificent aspects of Manipat is the convergence of traditions and culture which reflects in every corner of the city.
1) Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery- `Thanks to the Tibetan population, Manipat is home to many beautiful monasteries. Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery is one of the famous monasteries in the town, thus, making it one of the most visited monasteries. It is a Gelug monastery and is endowed with Buddhist artifacts and relics. However, it is smaller than its Nepalese and north-eastern counterparts. 
2) Fish point- Nestled among the hills, the fish point is bestowed by a river, Machali Nadi, which then crowns into a waterfall and descendent at a height of 80 meters. It is about 17 kilometers away from the center of the village. It is named after a particular species of fish found in the river.
3) Tiger point- It is a majestic waterfall located 7 kilometers from the center of the village. The waterfall originates from the Mahadev Muda river and is surrounded by lush jungles. The waterfall is named Tiger point after locals spotted few tigers nearby the area. The waterfall descends at a height of 60 meters from a cliff into a pond. You can see the waterfall from the road also. A stairway also leads to the base of the waterfall and offers a beautiful view. 
4) Parpatiya sunset point- Famous for its beautiful sunset, Parpatiya sunset point is about 30 kilometers from the town. As per the locals and tourists, the surrounding hills look like a cube during the sunset. The drive leading to is magical and beautiful.
5) Mehta Point- It is a stunning viewpoint located at a higher altitude that offers a bird-eye view of green lush hills, sprawling landscapes, and a portal to the cloud. At times, it gives a feeling that you are walking above the cloud. 
6) Jaljali- It is a natural wonder that acts as a trampoline. When you jump on the landmass, it produces suggestive vibrations. Jaljali is located about 10 kilometers from the town center and is often acknowledged as bouncing land. If you want to freak out your friends, and children, then you should defiantly visit this place. 
Manipat is a town that will offer you everything that may be on your bucket list, beautiful hills, magical waterfalls, sunset point, dreamy roads for a long drive with your loved ones and natural wonder.