India has finally won a gold medal at the Olympics! Neeraj Chopra, who is 22 years old and from Haryana, India, has won his first Olympic medal. He threw a personal best of 86.47 meters in the javelin throw to win gold for India’s 1st gold at Tokyo 2020 and India gets 1st gold at Tokyo Olympics. This was Neeraj Chopra’s first time competing in the Olympics, but he had thrown over 86 meters before so it wasn’t too surprising that Neeraj Chopra won India’s 1st gold medal at Tokyo Olympics 2021.
Neeraj Chopra is an Olympic hero, a titleholder now! The 23-year-old built history this Saturday as he became the only and the second Indian to win an individual Olympic gold by getting a straight win in the men’s javelin throw final event at Tokyo Olympics 2021. Neeraj concluded India’s 121-year halt for an athletics medal with his gold in the javelin final on 7th August 2021. A day to be remembered in Indian Olympics history.
The Neeraj Chopra’s gold medal is worth just over Rs. 22 lakh, but the real prize he got was much more than that – it’s a national hero status for our young Indian athlete who has been winning medals consistently in international competitions since 2016 and now became one of India’s most successful athletes at Olympics 2021. He is also to be given a cash prize of 1 crore by BCCI.

Why is Neeraj Chopra’s news so special?

He is the only Indian athlete to win an athletics medal in a final event at Olympics. Neeraj Chopra has been India’s best chance for a gold medal and he delivered it on time! It was his first javelin throw of 73.88 meters which put him ahead of all competitors. He revealed that he wasn’t under pressure at all.
Neeraj also committed his gold medal to athletes like Milkha Singh and stated he would have desired to individually reach the fabulous sprinter with his gold medal. He also committed the gold medal to PT Usha and other Indian sportsmen who came nearby to acquiring an Olympic medal.

What is the Importance of Neeraj Chopra’s Win to India?

Finally, an Indian, Neeraj Chopra has accomplished what excellent players like Milkha Singh and PT Usha craved by the starkest of rims at the Olympic Games. Neeraj not only obtained their dreams but also made it extraordinary by acquiring the Gold medal in Men’s Javelin at the Tokyo Olympics.
Back then, in 1920, in Antwerp, Belgium, no Indian had obtained a medal in athletics since the country started participating in the Olympics Games. In Tokyo Olympics 2021, India got its first Olympic medal with a Gold by Neeraj Chopra who was one of the six athletes to represent their first gold at the Tokyo Games.
However, the International Olympic Committee attributes Norman Pritchard’s 200m and 200m hurdles silver medals in the 1900 Paris Olympics to India. But, multiple pieces of research, comprising the accounts of then IAAF (now World Athletics), explicated that he had played for Great Britain.
Pritchard has not considered an Indian in the country’s first Olympic partnership under a federal Olympic body held in 1920.
Therefore, Neeraj Chopra is graced as the only 2nd Indian after Abhinav Bindra to win an exclusive Olympic Gold medal. The 23-year-old from Panipat was at his most confident and was relaxed during the javelin 87.58m event.

Neeraj Chopra's recent victories

Neeraj Chopra is the youngest Indian to ever win an Olympic gold medal in athletics. He has won India’s first Gold at Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The 22-year-old, Neeraj had also secured a Silver medal for India, coming second at Beijing 2008 Olympics and Bronze medals for his country thrice during World Championships.