With most of the live performances and events, people were looking forward to being skipped due to COVID-19, people were left in despair. There was no way for them to socialize or amuse themselves. And sadly, the fans of Magnetic Fields couldn’t witness the grandeur of the 2020 edition they’re eagerly waiting for. But now, the wait is over.

Here comes an exciting announcement from one of India’s most famous contemporary arts and music festivals Magnetic Fields that there has been an addition of a new festival IP in its pipeline.

Popularly known as Magnetic Fields Nomads Festival, the event would take place between March 19 to March 21 in Ranthambore. The event is expected to be for three days with a limited capacity of 400 attendees. The main aim of the event this year is to promote and support the richness and uniqueness of the local food, culture, and music as an attempt to celebrate the stimulating testimony of revival in India.

The previous attendees are aware of the magnificence of the larger annual event in Alsisar. So, in order to maintain the experience quality of this boutique event, this year, an open-air gathering of local communities especially nomads and their creatives will be displayed at Nahargarh Ranthambore.

Owned by Alsisar Hotels, Nahargarh Ranthambore is a palace-sized property surrounded by thousands of trees. Located near Ranthambore National Park, the fortress is extended to a total area of 20 acres of land which makes it a perfect destination for a socially-distanced festival with a gathering of 400 people.

At this boutique event, the attendees will have a luxurious and exciting experience with pool parties, garden picnics, and adventurous jungle safaris. Moreover, you will find the ‘The Chef’s Table’ banner where the Nomads will provide a delight feast and other unique culinary experiences. Moreover, just like every year, the event would incorporate some well-known elements of Magnetic Fields Festival such as the wellness space Magnetic Sanctuary, the traveling theatre experience by The Peacock Club, intimate picnics, and sundowner sets.

The tickets for the event were on sale from February 10 and sold out in no time.

Safety and health protocols
With the reemergence of the events industry and concerts being held offline, it doesn’t mean that COVID-19 is over. With the third wave of Coronavirus infection just round the corner, the attendees have to follow all the safety guidelines laid down by the Rajasthan
government. Also, since there would be pool parties, all the attendees must present a negative RT-PCR test conducted before 24 hours of attending the event.