Those who love coffee, just love coffee. Love for coffee is a little conditional but in a good way.

Be it about the perfect blend, aroma, taste or the after taste. And Coffeeza satisfies all the conditions primarily because it is 100% natural coffee grown on a single estate and consists of 0% added preservatives. You get what you pay for and in the case of Coffeeza, just real coffee.

Coffeeza Pour over coffee is 100% Arabica Coffee and comes in different flavours. It is quick, travel friendly and a four-step easy to make coffee.

TEAR: Remove the bag from the pouch, tear it open along the dotted line.

ANCHOR: Pull the flaps and anchor the bag over the sides of the cup firmly.

POUR: Slowly pour hot water into the bag, evenly in circles until the cup is full (150ml).

SIP: Wait till the bag has no water left, take off the bag and sip your coffee. 


Coffeeza is available in different flavours:

1. Light Roast: LR rates 2/5, on the intensity of the coffee chart.
2. Medium Roast: MR rates 3/5, on the intensity chart.
3. Dark Roast: DR rates 5/5, on the intensity chart.
4. Medium-Dark Roast: MDR rates 4/5, on the intensity chart

We recommend you try all these amazing made in India flavours which taste far better than any other expensive coffee. You can choose the flavour as per the demand of your caffeine buds. The best part about coffee is that it is also Voyage friendly as you just need to carry your favourite Coffeeza pour over sachet with you, get a cup of hot water and you are ready for the coffee high. It is also flushed with Nitrogen to retain freshness.

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