They are delicious, simple, and your saviours when you are starving and have a limited supply of ingredients and the desire to prepare. We’re talking about the good old sandwich; you may keep it basic or get inventive and dress it up with the most unusual stuff in town. A sandwich will never let you down and will satisfy you to the core of your being. ‘Sandwiches are great,’ Paul Lynde accurately observed. There’s no need for a spoon or a plate!’ And we couldn’t be more in agreement.
We adore sandwiches, whether they are elaborate or basic, filled or stacked, grilled or toasted. They’re simple to prepare, tasty, and always satisfying. Deal you have no idea what to do with that unexpected snack attack? Make a filling sandwich that won’t leave you hungry. Look no farther if you’re short on time. Make a fast lunch for yourself while you’re on the road.
Even if we say that sandwiches are very easy to make, there are some places, that cannot be beaten when it comes to making sandwiches. One of these places is Madhuram Sandwiches, Indore.
Situated near Kanch Mandir, Madhuram Sandwiches is a small sandwich venture. Probably as big as one room. Which is surprising, considering their popularity and quality of sandwiches. But recently, they have expanded a floor above their venture, where there is a 4000 sq. ft. space, that is utilized to make these amazing sandwiches. Also baking their own bread, they are creating their own mark, on the culinary landscape of Indore.
One of their most popular sandwiches is Paneer Tandoori sandwich, which is ordered by a big portion of their customers, along with a cold coffee. The paneer tandoori sandwich has been selling itself for the last 9 years, which suffice to say, tastes heavenly.
They say that their recipes, are told and updated by their customers. They take the feedback of their customers into consideration, and keep updating the recipe. In the early stages, they would make sandwiches out of standard sized breads, but on the demand of the public, they decided to switch to big loaves of bread, which earned their sandwiches the title of Jumbo Sandwiches.
Madhuram Sandwiches is a family run sandwich joint and has been in business for the last 16 years. The third generation of the family, is now running the business. A set of four siblings, out of them, two brothers are running the business as of now. Their younger brother, Ayush, has been awarded a gold medal in the National level Science Olympiad and their eldest sister, is studying in Dubai.
The place gets so crowded throughout the day that they have come to making 12 sandwiches at one time. They use about 100 to 150 loaves worth of bread in day, to feed all of their regular and beloved hungry customers. Serving about 500 to 600 sandwiches in one normal day, they have the biggest rush during the season of Diwali. Right from the first day of Diwali, they work and serve their customers during the day and the night.
The sandwiches, that are served with mayonnaise, ketchup and potato chips, is a street food delicacy in Indore. Having one bite of this sandwich, might leave you wondering, “How can something as simple as a sandwich, make all your problems go away?”
If you are from and Indore and ever find yourself craving a delicious sandwich, Madhuram Sanwiches is the place to be. If you are not from Indore, plan a trip, pack your bag and go to Indore, because Madhuram Sandwiches is worth it.