The most delicious pattice in Indore, made at Vijay Chaat House A Potato Pattice is like the ultimate comfort food for a huge demographic of India. Paired with a hot cup of chai, it is the most delectable food item of the streets. A crunchy but soft hot pastry filled with the tastiest hot potato filling. Just the mere mental image makes your mouth water. Every bakery or shop in every corner of the country, has these and they make the best snack bite. If you’re having a bad day, just stroll over to a small bakery or shop, have the soft yet crunchy pastry and turn your day around with the first bite.
A Potato Pattice is a very easily available snack, but in all fairness, there are a select number of places in each city, that make best of all pattice. And in Indore, that shop is Vijay Chaat House.
Vijay Chaat House has been around for 52 years now. They have a tradition of making their own pattice. The particular recipe of the chaat house has been passed down from generations to generations with the tradition of making these pattice by the family owners only. Since its inception, now, the 4th generation is running their business. The owner is a BBA graduate but has vowed to continue the family business and makes the pattices by himself, as per their tradition.
The Chaat House was established in the Sarafa Bazar, Indore which street food marketplace that only functions in the night. Since then, the business has grown and now they have opened a lot of different outlets throughout Indore. They also have one in the 56 Bazaar in Indore. While starting out, 52 years ago, the pattice only costed 20 paise, but with the growth of the economy and the popularity of the pattice, it is now priced at ₹18, which is still the most affordable price, considering the quality and the mouth watering taste of the dish.
Other than the Potato Pattice, Vijay Chaat House also makes and serves Kachori. Although, they are known for the pattice because of the quality and the beautiful taste. Due to the growing popularity of the dish, it is one of the biggest attractions in Indore, when it comes to food. Especially during the holidays. Vijay Chaat House is crowded and flocked by many Potato Pattice and Kachori lovers, especially during the holidays, when people from Indore who have gone to different places, for education or work, come back home and have Vijay Chaat House in the must visit place in their to-do list. People who come to visit Indore as tourists or visitors, also make it a point to visit this Chaat House without fail. It has become one of the most visited food destinations in Indore.