Ladakh is the most well-known place for astonishing landscapes, the transparent skies, the tallest mountain mingling with clouds, captivating exploration diversions, Buddhist Monasteries, and festivities. Not only is it the place in India where the elegant Double Hump camels are found, but it is also the spot where you will discover the Magnetic Hill, the one-of-a-kind manifestation that disobeys gravity.

Ladakh earns a ton of popularity for existing as the only chill desert in India apart from fringing the World’s hugest saltwater Lake, named Pangong Lake. Driving up the elevated motorable road in the world, Khardung is a fantasy come true for several. The Hunder dunes, frigid river trek, and snow leopards all uncover their only residence in Ladakh.

Moreover, there is numerous other stuff for which Ladakh is popular. Some of them are:

1. Trekking on the elevated mountains is one of the extensive sought-after explorations of people touring Ladakh on highways like Chadar Trek, Stock Kangri Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Nubra Valley Trek, Padum to Darcha route, etc. The hazardous elevations and the dangerous canyons by the highway make it one of the distinguished trek paths to attain for explorers.

2. Ladakh finds a lot of attention for authorizing people to trek on a frigid, cold river which is named as Chadar Trek path, a rare exploration to partake in.

3. The inhabitants of Ladakh create it well-known for being the most receptive and calm to fascinate every traveler who attends their soil.

4. The Hemis Festival commemorated every summer is Ladakh’s outstanding celebration which denotes the 10th-day of the Tibetian Lunar calendar. It is recognized for its vibrant colors and enormous décor which decorates the city and its hermitages.

5. Camping by the lakes and canyons and valleys like Pangong, Tso Moriri, and Nubra Valley puts into the catalog of justifications why Ladakh is popular.

6. Ladakh is also popular for giving the reason of contemplative renewal in its hermitages encircled by beautifully excavated fences. It is thus, understood that one feels at their religious best when in Ladakh.

7. It allures a bunch of population to rejoice in the relatively prominent white river rafting exploration on the expiating River Zanskar.

8. Another explanation why this area contends a lot of prestige is because people can glimpse the mysterious sight of the intersection of the two rivers, River Zanskar and River Indus before they integrate to stream into Pakistan as River Indus.

9. You can discover the nicest of apricots in the winters which make Ladakh outstanding for stocking the country with the best produce of the same.

10. Ladakh is also outstanding for dual hump camel rides accessible only at the glittering dunes in the Nubra Valley region.

11. Mountain Biking to the tallest motorable mountain pass, Khardungla Pass,  on the planet, also brings prosperity to Ladakh.
12. You can discover the biggest National Park in the whole of South Asia, Hemis National Park in Ladakh which is popular for lodging countless leopards and furnishing natural habitats to them.