Started in 1962, Bam Kachori from Prasidh Kachori is one of the delicacies of the foodie city of India, Indore. Gaining popularity among the locals and eventually the outsiders, the price of this Kachori went from being 4 paise in the 60s to ₹10 in the current time. Prasidh Kachori, being so highly wanted and liked by everybody, gradually increased the number of kachoris they had to produce every day, and continued to prepare them between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., as and when their customers continued to gather.
Bam Kachori is not for the faint of heart and is for those who like their food hot. This kachori is composed of moong dal and is served fresh and crispy. However, because it is eaten with Aamchoor, the kachori has a sour taste variation. It’s delicious and piquant, and you should taste this fiery bomb with a tangy touch.
Mr. Badrilal, the creator of this family-run fast food business, used to ride his bike around selling kachoris after losing a well-paying job during India’s wartime. He made a living by buying kachoris for 8 paise and selling them for 10 paise, with a profit margin of 2 paise each kachori. During this time, he thought that instead of selling kachoris manufactured by others, I should make them myself and sell them in my own style.
He is proud of his path from selling kachoris over a bike on a 2 paise margin to producing and selling kachoris in a cherished business with his family. His sons help dad with his company and work at the restaurant with him. They inform people about their father’s peculiarity, which is that he does not speak to anyone while preparing the kachoris. To honour their father’s commitment and enthusiasm for his career, they let him work his magic on these delectably mouth-watering kachoris that everyone adores!
The franchise grew in popularity alongside the dish. They are recognised and addressed as Bam Kachori across the country. In the fast food restaurant, they now serve a variety of different meals, such as samosas. They have a devoted client base that dates back nearly 50 years. Prasidh Kachori (Bam Kachori) is one of Indore’s most famous and well-known fast-food restaurants.