It is never late to start anew. It is never late to achieve your dreams and Snigdha stands as a testimony for this. Snigdha Jain Koyal is an entrepreneur, chef, and single mom. Yes, she is a queen of all trades. She founded Tantrums Cafe in Indore in 2019, just after which the world went into lockdowns due to the coronavirus. Her husband, Ashish Jain passed away in 2004 when her kids were just 3. Snigdha is a mother to a son and a daughter. Snigdha’s journey from putting herself together after the loss and becoming the pillar of strength to her children is an inspiring story. We talk to her about her cafe, life, and everything she stands for. Read the endearing conversation below.

Q. Tell us how and why Tantrum cafe came into being.

Ans. In the beginning, when I used to go out for cooking classes in Pune, my kids used to be alone at home. There have been instances where I have felt, ‘what is the use of all this hard work when I have to leave my children at home and they have to struggle there alone. Thus, I had decided that I will create a place that would be helpful for moms, who want to have time for themself. Thus, Tantrums Cafe came into being. It has everything for kids, a play theater, a play zone, and a cafe for their parents to have some time.

Q. You entered the lockdown as soon as this venture started, how did you cope with those times.

Ans. The lockdown was not expected. But, we kept going through those days. I had a good name for myself by then, and we used to do food and gift delivery services from home. We braved through the pandemic and now things are opening up again.

Q. The loss you've faced is huge. How did you bring yourself together and restarted your journey?

Ans. When that happened it was a huge blow to our lives. I almost stayed away from people for 6 months as I and the kids did not want any sympathy. But, then I gained the courage and wanted to make an identity for myself. I wanted to be part of the society, from which I had isolated myself for so long. And, now here I am.

Q. Making a business successful, is not an easy task. Yet you have pulled that off very conveniently. Tell us how your journey to being an entrepreneur.

when I was still doing masters. But, after that incident, I chose to do something for myself. I went to cooking classes in Pune. I had to give 10 hours per day for this, and I did all of that for a month. Then, later, people found my skills great and I started teaching people in the closed circle cooking. Soon, the word of mouth spread and there are more and more people willing to learn from me. Later, I also finished my MBA. Then, I finally thought of making my dream come true of owning a cafe for kids and their mothers.

Q. Finally, if someone why should someone visit your cafe if they are in Indore.

Ans. The thing is it is one solution for everything. In a simple bungalow, there is a cafe, play area, gifts, kid salon, and a play theater. Something for everyone in the family. Moreover, my cafe is famous for the Sushi we make and the Mangolian noodles. We make everything at the cafe, from the ketchup to the dough. So, if you are here you should check that out!