Pandemic has actually changed a lot of things in the travel industry. Since it is not very convenient to travel outside the country these days, people have actually started exploring domestic travel destinations which is fruitful for the state as well as the country’s tourism industry.

So many articles about travellers exploring unknown or lesser-known locations, treks, the heritage of India is all over social media.
Talk about beaches in India, Goa used to be the only answer. It still is as Goa is popular on the world map. But we went to a lesser-known beach town along the coast of Maharashtra that is Malvan. Malvan is situated in Maharashtra state and gives you all Goa vibes with comparatively fewer amenities. 
Malvan is 400kms from Pune and is on the same route as Pune-North Goa. If you are travelling to Malvan by road from Pune or Mumbai, you need to follow NH-48 till Kolhapur and then take the diversion towards the Sindhudurg district. There comes a diversion that takes you to Goa and Malvan both but you need to divert once again from NH 66 towards Malvan, Maharashtra. 
Malvan is a town full of good vibes and extremely sweet people and affordable stuff. There are no luxury hotels or franchise five-star properties to stay at but you can find decent hotels and economic home stays with almost all the facilities.
Tarkarli Beach, Devbagh Beach and Chivla beach are surprisingly great beaches, better in terms of cleanliness than a lot of beaches in North Goa. If you are willing to have a great private time with your friends, family and loved ones, these beaches are for you. But mind you, Beer is expensive here unlike Goa as Malvan is in Maharashtra state. 
If you are a fan of Water Sports you will find innumerable water sports like Parasailing, Jetski, Kayaking, Banana ride, Jumbo Ride, etc at all the beaches and last but surely not the least Scuba Diving. Scuba diving is pretty popular in Malvan and a lot of tourists try it daily.
There are a few more must-visit sites that you can visit from Devbagh beach like a lighthouse, Devbagh Sangam and Tsunami Island. 

All in all Malvan is a must-visit beach town for a long or short budget vacay. There is so much more about Malvan on our social media and website, do check it out.