Are you looking for a weekend getaway trip, away from the tiring office hours to just clear your head out? But you are low on budget! Well, that’s not a problem. Having a low budget shouldn’t restrict you from having fun at all! These are the places for you Mumbaikars to visit in India under 5000.

1. Matheran

If you are looking for a place where you can do trekking, some adventure sports, beautiful sightseeing, and just chill around riding horses, Matheran is the place for you. It is a pleasant hill station located 83kms from Mumbai. The stay cost will range from the lowest 300-400 up to a few thousand depending on the quality of stay you want.

2. Bhandardara

Known as the “Everest of Maharashtra,” Bhandardara is a dam built in the Ahmednagar district in the Western ghats of Maharashtra. This place is well renowned for its trekking in the rainy season as well as the winter season. In winter, the main attraction is the sight of illuminating fireflies. It is an excellent place to hang out with friends over a campfire.

3. Pawna Lake

This is the best place if you don’t want to trek or move around much. A 116km beautiful drive from Mumbai will take you to this eye catching lake where you can do camping activities and adventure sports like boating and rock climbing or just chill around sitting beside the lake. There are camping groups that arrange everyday camping there which costs nearly 2000 rupees.

4. Alibaug

If you have a group of friends whose Goa plans always cancel at the last moment, Alibaug can be your backup plan! A place with mesmerizing beaches and some mighty forts located just 96kms from Mumbai is worth a while. You can book villas around this place for a weekend with friends or family. The villas will cost you around 500 per person considering a group of 6-7 people staying there.

5. Daman

All the party animals out there, this place is made for you! With some rocking beach parties and cheaper alcohol, Daman is a place you can visit with your friends. This place beholds huge forts that are an attraction to look out for. A 2 to 3 days’ trip will cost you under 4000 considering the travel, stay and food expenses. It is located 177kms away from Mumbai.

6. Tarkarli

The only place near Mumbai where you can have the magical experience of scuba diving is Tarkarli. It is a place, 500kms away from Mumbai with some gorgeous beaches having crystal clear water. There are a lot of ways to reach this place. Buses and trains are usually preferred because they cost less. This place serves some really mouth-watering sea food and the stay in this place is also quite reasonable.

7. Jaipur

The “Pink City” of India is one of the most elegant places one can visit. The alluring beauty of the palaces, architectural monuments and some calm and clean lakes adds up to the charm of this place. Jaipur has some magnificent tourist attractions like the Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar and the markets in the city. A train ticket from Mumbai to Jaipur costs around 600-700 per person and the stay in this city might be near 900-1000 per night.
From now on you don’t have to worry about budget cuts to go out somewhere as these places have got you covered!