Dogs are known to alleviate stress, anxiety and help cope with loneliness. Emotional support dogs are now becoming increasingly recognized. The idea behind a pet café is to bring your pets, mainly cats and dogs, which are domesticated animals, together in a social gathering.
Individuals who have long working hours, jobs that demand a lot or those who are away from family and often face stress, anxiety or other mental health problems can also visit a dog café to help them cope with their problems. These cafés generally put the well-being of the animals over their profit.
Pet cafés also promote adoptions for stray and abandoned animals. It’s a great way for individuals to gel with the animal and form an emotional bond. Instead of seeing pets up for adoption locked in a cage or where you only get one glance, in a pet café, you get to see the animals live in action, get to play with them and form a bond. This helps in facilitating your decision about which animal to adopt.
Pet cafés are becoming increasingly recognized and their importance are being validated. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore have famous pet cafés. There are debates going on about how ‘ethical’ a pet café is. But there are more proven pros than cons.
Instead of having to leave your dog home alone while out, you can have them tag along. Some pet cafés also have a separate place for your pets with supervision and a trainer for your pets, their litter is taking care of and are provided with food cater made for your pet, keeping in mind food allergies and intolerances, providing them with a play space with toys and other pets to gel with, while some cafés allow for your pet to stay with you and eat with you at the table. This option is chosen when individuals come in groups and have pet owners bring their pets too.
Dogs are creatures of emotion. Hence, socializing with other furry friends is a must for them. Meeting other dogs and playing with them gives your dog a feel-good emotion. They also get to be in their natural element of fun as opposed to how they have been trained to behave at home.
Some pet cafes have also included grooming facilities, which saves you a trip to the groomer. In conclusion, taking your dog to a dog café is just paw-some! They get to be the social creatures they are and get to be in their natural element, even if it is just for a small time period.