India is known in the world for its street food. Uniquely the cuisine and the taste of street food vary from state to state. Madhya Pradesh, the heart of the country is famous for its Chatori Gali, Gwalior. Highly influenced by the Muslim culture, Bhopal; is known for its non-veg delicacies. However, its street food has a lot to offer to every vegetarian. One of its famous specialties is Bhutte Ka Kees.

What is Bhutte Ka Kees?

As the name suggests, Bhutte Ka Kess is a snack made from grated corn. It also includes other ingredients such as oil, salt, sugar, milk, coconut, chili, lemon, ginger, cilantro, cumin, and mustard seed. However, the star of the dish is corn.

Recipes of Bhutte Ka Kees

If you want to enjoy this tasty snack at your home with your favorite tea, we bring to you the step-by-step guide, so that you don’t miss the vibes of one of the beautiful cities of the country and its tasteful food. 
Step 1- Firstly, you need to grate the corn into a powder form. If you are cooking with a fresh corn cob, you can use the grater to grate it. If you are working with frozen corn, you can grind them in your food processor or blender. 
Step 2- In the next step, heat the oil or ghee in the pan. When the oil is hot, add some mustard and cumin seeds and let them. When the seeds start to splutters, adds some asafetida, green chili, turmeric powder, and ginger and saute them for few minutes. 
Step 3- In the next step, add the star of the dish, grated corn in the pan, and cook it on a low flame. Fry it for approximately five to six minutes, unless the corn starts to change it’s color an
Step 4- Now add salt, sugar, and milk to the pan and mix well. Let it cook at the medium flame until the mixture comes to a boil and then lower flame for the corn to cook and create a thick mixture. You can cook it for five minutes and stir the mixture once or twice in between. If you feel that the corn is getting stuck at the bottom of the pan, then reduce the flame to the middle or lower and cover the pan, till the milk evaporates. 
Step 5- Once the Bhutte Ka kess are cooked, you can garnish it with some lime juice, freshly grated coconut, and cilantro. Serve hot to your friends and family. They will feel your love with each bite. 

Expert Advice-

1) You can also use frozen or fresh sweet corn to cook the dish. However, it is recommended that when it is the season of corn, you should only use fresh corn cobs. 2) If you are vegan, you can also cook the dish with vegan milk.  3) Garnish is the most essential part of the dish, never skip them. It adds sour, sweet taste and freshness to the dish.