A successful writer, India book’s of record holder for publishing four books in a single day, marking her position in the top 100 influential ladies in India, and a young social worker who is touching lives with her work, Alice Sharma is more than a little girl living for a dream. She has a humble soul who thinks has miles to go. She will make you believe in your dreams and also worth of other lives

Q) You are an amazing writer and a young social entrepreneur, but apart from it who is Alice Sharma?

A) Apart from it, I would say that I am an avid reader on most days. Being a social entrepreneur is something that I consider the most integral part of our life. So, keeping it apart and telling about myself is quite difficult because that is what 80% or 90% of my life is about. The rest 10% I am just a normal 23 years old ruining around the city, hanging with friends, and chilling around. I have a very close group of friends, we party around, chill around. I have a normal life like any 23 years old would have.

Q) What influence your books, character, and plots?

A) My first book was non-fictional that was based on my story. The second book was fictional. I observe my surroundings quite well and I have this habit of portraying things how I want to be in my mind. I will observe a person and create a unique and weird pattern of how things should go in his life and that’s how I link up my character to that person. So, all the characters in my books are influenced by the people I walk around in daily life.

Q) What is your vision of VastraAurZindgiyan?

A) Our vision is to make life less miserable and more bearable. I have seen life on the ending edge and I know how it feels. People say being educated is important and obviously, it is important but when you go to that survival mode and when the only priority in life is to be alive. So, you understand the dynamics of life from a completely different angle. Being in city life we are more worried about our EMIs and trying to make our life best. But, when we go to the survival mode and the only instinct you have is that I need to get out of it alive, that’s when the dynamics of life completely changes and that’s what happened. That’s exactly where the vision of our foundation lies. We are working in every sector; 80% we are working everywhere, in education sector, hygiene facilities, covid sector, providing Covid meal, basic hygiene and making people aware about Covid.

Q) What are the struggles that you think comes with being a young entrepreneur.

A) We all have certain goals and the goals I have, I have not even come to 5% of them yet. So, I don’t consider things to be of that great level. But, I have a gratitude factor and I am grateful for all the great things that have happened. The challenges that come across I won’t say in being successful at such a young age because I am nowhere successful, I am still on a way to it. Starting off is the better word, so I will say starting off at such a young age is very difficult because there are many things that go up for a toss. When ideally you should be chilling around, you are just working. It’s again a very hard feeling. But, also managing education, I am doing a master’s in social work. My family has always been supportive and is the reason I was able to do the thing we so much freedom. But there was a certain limit of passion from them that you have to pursue studies because nothing in your life can substitute education. Managing studies and managing the whole NGO by myself because we don’t have a big team. We have a medium team of core workers so managing everything on my own like managing NGO, my studies, the books, the page I run. So, it is quite difficult but if you go with your gut feeling you will find the way out of it at the end is what I believe. Everything that I do is the things that I want to do from all my heart so I end up finding a way out of it, no matter how messed up it gets.

Q) What milestones do you think you are yet to achieve? If I ask you where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years.

A) I have never seen life in such a long term. So, you can modify your question to where I see myself in the next one year. I have never planned and probably would never plan a life more than one year. The next one year is going to about Limica book of Records, its the first priority. We have a milestone of feeding at least 1 lakh people and going PAN India and to be working in every state.