Delving deeper into the suburbs of Maharashtra leads us to surprise at every step. The Kaas Plateau is one such beautiful surprise soothing for our eyes. Kaas Pathar or commonly known as the valley of flowers is located west of Satara city in Maharashtra. The plateau has been declared as a Biodiversity World heritage site by UNESCO, and also heaven on Earth for photographers, nature enthusiasts, and explorers. However, the place comes under the protected forest area and is currently closed for visitors. Kaas Pathar is home to more than 850 species of flowering plants. Laden in September and October, these flowers bloom on their own and last for 23 weeks, with ideal conditions.
The carpet of flowers is the perfect break you should give yourself after a tiring week of work. The place has this aura of peace and calmness around it, that brings you joy and helps you smile, forgetting all the miseries around you.

More Places To Catch A Glimpse

The Kaas plateau is much more than just a flower valley. It is a complete package that unravels as we go in and out of the area giving you a pleasant surprise at every stage. The Bhambavli Flower Plateau, the world’s largest, is located three kilometers away from Kaas. This is complemented by the Kaas lake at the south of the plateau, mushed between dense forests. Bhambavli Vajrai Waterfall is also a few minutes away from the valley.
That is, when you go for your visit here, you have no reasons to not come back all charged for the days to come.

Getting to the Paradise

Driving your way is the best route to the plateau. It is a 6-hour drive from the capital city Mumbai and 3 hours from Pune. The Mumbai-Bengaluru and exit for Kaas plateau take you there. The bookings for visits are usually open online, and you can book a 3 hr slot from the 3000 slots available each day.
The place is not surrounded by big resorts or hotels to stop by as people prefer a day trip to the valley, however, there are a few options you will find around.

The Repercussions

With the ongoing rapid climate change, the plateau has also been at the receiving end of adverse effects. Human intervention into the ecosystem has been disturbing its functioning in harmony. Thus, while you go there, be careful not to disturb the existing system and be just an observer there. Walk your way inside than taking a vehicle. Refrain from touching or plucking the flowers. When you have children accompanying, teach them their etiquette on how they should behave with nature.
Kaas Pathar is one of the many wonders of our country, that has been flourishing forever. Take your turn to enjoy this amazing view, take your notes of the beauty and be grateful for being in a world so beautiful.