One of India’s uncovered secrets. If you’ve been wishing of investigating a hideous treasure, this place should be on your prime list when it comes to packing your bag.

About Laitmawsiang

Laitmawsiang known as the residence of cotton-candy mists, the north-eastern state of Meghalaya is enriched with comprehensive views of timbered valleys, glassy lakes, gleaming waterfalls, and historical caves. Splotch with British colonial architecture galore, this spot is favorable confidentiality to loosen up amidst nature and the essence of the pure surrounding.

Popular Attractions

Meghalaya is contoured by lush flowery fences and emerald green frontiers, these townlet cottagesprehistoric fossils in ancient tunnels, gardens, and waterfalls on the highway to Cherrapunji. Garden of Caves or Ka Bri Synrang, a 2.5-hectare possession with seven major places — Sum Syeim Falls, U Mawhdohnud (gravel in a heart shape), Ka Synrang ryiem (cave of the king), Ki Stieh Maw, Arsdad Falls, and Riat Umlwai Falls, propose a sloping place to several caves and streams, developed mainly through seasonal rainfalls and spectacular waterfalls.

History of Laitmawsiang

If Meghalaya has never existed on your travel bucket list, it’s right the moment you should chart out a new itinerary that is facilitative to surrendering excursions to suppress your intention for exploring uncovered gems. The gardens and burrows in this region have prevailed for more than 50 centuries. In the past, these caves were used as a concealment place by the Khasi tribes and local nationalists from the British era. The spot was elusive and enclosed by dense wildernesses then.


Since it came across as a premonition hideaway, barely anyone was tempted to enter through the curling vines. The entire place is brightened with sun flashes along with the contemplation of twinkling ponds. While the tremendous fall establishes a great view to savor, what expands to the glamour of this place is the bamboo trail that sets for an enormous entry to the garden caves.