Ubbalamadugu falls, which is also called Tada Falls popularly, is found in the North of Sricity and Oneness temple, in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India. The waterfall has an entire altitude of 100 meters and the transparent, glass-like clear water has created it one of the most unusual and beautiful destinations for travelers all around the world. The place has a special attraction to trekkers and adventure-seeking tourists. The states that it plummets under are Buchinaidukandriga and Varadaiahpalemmandals. The justification the waterfall is popular amongst the trekkers is that it is discovered on the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, and it is near Chennai.

Why is Ubbalamadugu so attractive?

Ubbalamadugu is situated in Siddulaiah Kona forest, the most widespread time to attend or tour the waterfall is during Maha Shivratri. The permanent and lasting magnificence of lush greenery comprising the encircling regions amidst the mesmerizing waterfall is stunning. The favorable or most ideal time to attend the waterfall is from October to February. The waterfall falls into the deepest read of the forest bestowing the nicest of the nature walk, which is also one of the explanations it is liked by trek and enthusiasts. The Ubbalamadugu falls also has a realistic swimming pool comfortable to swim in and lounge for trekkers. This pool area is liked by families for celebrating their picnic or special occasions.

Beauty of Ubbalamadugu

Pulikat Lake and Kalki Oneness temple are usually glued together while traveling to the well-known Ubbalamadugu falls. The landscapes that enclose the treacherous beauty, rocky path, and lush woodland with neighboring streams, are astonishingly eye-dropping. An individual can only comprehend the permanent beauty of nature that is well hidden within itself. The road has various leisure and replenishing junctures to aid the trekker’s necessaries and prime goals.