All it takes is a vision and the determination to succeed. Revanth Guthala proves this in many ways. From being a system engineer to chasing his career as a data scientist, he is driven by the force to make life sustainable on Earth. He is having Masters alumni in business analytics.Going to be lead data analyst at YULU.

After graduation, he joined Infosys and was working there for about 2 and a half years, before he was put into automation work. That was not something he was interested in, which made him chose to go with Data Science. Because all areas of science, including math, are oversaturated in data Science, he particularly chose to go there.

Why become a Data Scientist?

What we did five years ago is what we shall do in the future. However, the area of data science is constantly evolving. He says that he likes to constantly learn and progress, so data science was a natural match for him. Furthermore, data science might be used to anything in real life. That’s the allure of it. Revanth used a Venn diagram to demonstrate what data science is all about. “So, let’s look at three diagrams: one for arithmetic, one for computer science, and one for data. When you combine math with data, you get data engineering. With data analysis is what happens when you combine data and computer science. Examining the facts and figuring out how it works. However, data science is a talent that integrates all of these elements.”
“Data science allows you to speak with data, govern it, modify it, and even forecast trends. Once we understand this, we may make significant adjustments to the current patterns.” He explained further.

Coming to terms with one career field –

Revanth believes that no matter what you do, you should be able to see into the future. In other words, you should be able to observe the durability of your career. Continue with the career if it will be important in the future. “It was a similar choice for me to work with Yulu. I believe there will be a steady shift away from traditional modes of transportation and toward electric ones like Yulu. Similarly, I studied telecommunications and went to work for Airtel to learn more.” He added.

What does Yulu do?

Yulu, according to Revanth, strives to make the world a better place. It is a mobility platform that utilises IoT, machine learning, and AI to make sustainable urban transport feasible. “We aim to make travelling sustainable, and I’m there to create a team from the ground up to make it happen.” He divulged.
He claims that the idea’s viability is dependent on the decisions individuals make. Yulu, for example, is a superior service if a person goes by metro to save money on cabs. It is both sustainable and simple. As a result, people must gradually come to terms with this process.

Besides being a data scientist, Revanth is also an actor!

Revanth’s hobbies include filming, editing, and other areas. His primary interest is in storytelling. He has worked on several acting projects, and his work can be found on YouTube. Before becoming a data scientist, he dabbled in acting. Even though he is a data scientist, he enjoys telling stories. “I can visually represent basic data for easy comprehension. That’s how I’m able to weave stories there. Recently, Robert Downey Jr. produced an 8-part series titled ‘The Power of AI,’ so there is opportunity for me there as well.” He stated.
He claims that the epidemic has completely altered his lifestyle, as it does for everyone else. However, the epidemic has had a significant impact on scientists. Scientists across the globe are trying to make the world a better place, and he wants to do the same. “I hope to live in a better future. Wherever we can, we aim to reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. I’d like to be remembered as someone who contributed to this.” He concluded.
Revanth encourages individuals to be more cautious in their decisions and to be mindful of the implications of their acts. Revanth, a genuine inspiration to everybody, demonstrates how everything is possible if we have the resolve to pursue it.