Do you know a company or a startup becomes a brand because of the exclusivity they deliver? 
Home and Clothes have always been the utmost necessary things for any individual in the entire world. We tend to like something for our home decor at times but the quality of that product results in disappointment and vice-versa.
We often think of finding a trustworthy brand that can customise each and every product for us without compromising the quality. Infact delivering better than what we have experienced so far.
We are introducing you to one such emerging clothing and home decor brand in India that is Gilaf by Nishi, founded by a passionate textile connoisseur, Ms. Nishi Khandelwal. Nishi is committed to deliver exclusive material incorporated into her products, making sure to deliver authentic fabric in the best quality. She is on a hunt to not just order but travel, explore and search the authentic fabric from its origin. An expert of fabric manipulation makes her brand and products stand out differently in the millennial world.