Humans have always loved the idea of travelling and exploring new areas. Going to naturally aesthetic locations and indulging in the beauty of nature has always fascinated even the laziest of us. The pandemic took this away from us, and as slowly we start to move into a “corona-free” world, here are five budget friendly trekking locations in India to dive into.


Starting off with the north east region, The Nohkalikai Falls are located near the beautiful rainy town of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. This waterfall is one of the many famous plunge waterfalls in the country and also happen to be the largest. This trek takes you to the top of the waterfall which is close to 1115 feet high.
The lush green surroundings all around the falls along with heavenly view is sure to satisfy every trekker. It takes about 40 minutes to travel from the entry point to the highest point on the waterfall on an average. The trip’s total expenditure would be around 3000 INR on an average. The preferred time of the year to travel here is between the months of December-April when the flow of the water is more and the greenery flourishes.


Second, on the list, we have the Nag Tibba trek on the lower Himalayan range Uttarakhand. This trek takes you through dense yet beautiful forests full of flora and fauna. Moreover, the route passes by the Queen of Hills, Mussorie, adding to the quality of the trek. The Nag Tibba trek takes you to the highest peak on the Lower Himalayas. Lying at the height of 3022 metres, this peak is between the Dhauladhar and Pin Panjal, allowing the trekker to have a glimpse at some very picturesque valleys and peaks in and around the region. The trip is for two days, covering 12 km and costs around 3500 INR. The trek is preferable to travel throughout the year.


Next we go down to the southern part of India to Gokarna, a small town on the western coast of Karnataka. The panoramic views of the many beaches, the dolphins along the ferry rides and the architectural brilliance of the temples and forts are just some of the many things to be experienced along the way. The trip costs an average of 5000 INR with a trek of around 15 kms covering 2 days. The preferred time to visit is between the months of October- March.


We go back to the northeast again and this time to the spell-bounding valley of flowers, Dzokou Valley in Nagaland. About 15 km from Kohima at an altitude of about 2450 metres, this valley harbours a heavenly view with heaps of flowers and other flora all over the place. Walking through the dense yet beautiful forests of the state and passing by small villages definitely makes this trip worthwhile. This trek is very famous all over India and costs around 6000 INR. The trek covers 2-3 days, and it is preferred to visit around the months of June-September when the valley blooms with flowers all around.


Last but not least, we take you to the highest point on the Satpura range, Dhoopgarh, in Madhya Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 4429 feet, this place gives an enthralling experience of mesmerising waterfalls, deep valleys and out of the world landscapes. The trek usually covers 2-3 days, and average expenses amount to around 6000 INR. The best time to visit this rugged yet beautiful terrain is the monsoon season, when the place is covered by clouds all around adding to its place.