Solo travel is the best way to rediscover oneself. Though one might feel uncomfortable initially but soon gains the realization that it’s worth the hustle. Moreover, convincing the family members before getting aboard with the plan is yet another problem.

However, with increasing cases of sexual harassment, and eve-teasing nationwide, women’s safety while traveling is top priority. This concern is particularly noteworthy as these incidents impact women and raise a question on their safety.
Now the question arises: Are women really safe while traveling alone?

If we look at the statistics, most of the women faced sexual assaults in their neighborhood and by the people they know. However, it doesn’t mean that women should be deprived of the pleasure of solo travel. They can travel to places and be cautious in the off chances if something nasty happens. Additionally, there are many places in India where women can travel and feel safe – Kerala being one of them.
Moreover, it requires women to take safety precautions and sacrifice some freedom to travel safely. The precautions include learning some local words, keeping the phone handy, carrying pepper sprays, and avoiding venturing to places after dark.
Further, confidence and presence of mind are proved to be valuable assets during solo travel.
Most importantly, book your room in some reputed hotel even if it costs you more money. While riding an auto or cab, if you sense malicious behavior by the driver, dial 100. Fortunately, most of the public transport in India have seats reserved for the ladies and even the restaurants have a ‘family section’ where you can dine safely. Don’t hesitate to be loud if you see trouble lurking around the corner.
Ultimately, trust your instincts to stay safe anywhere in the world. You may encounter some nasty events but there’ll be some men whose kindness, generosity, and hospitality would move you. Life is too short to postpone solo travel. So, take a chance and take a solo trip and be assured that you’re not going to regret it.