Although the beauty of Goa state is widespread and it can be seen, felt and observed from any corner but most of the people and travelers end up exploring and showing us places in North Goa. There is already a hype of places in North Goa name it Panjim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna beach or cruises, churches etc in movies, vlogs and blogs.

When you move towards South Goa which is around 50-60 km from North Goa, the roads start penetrating through nature and making their way to the beach or beach resorts, cafes, restaurants, cyclists, travellers without chaos. This will make you realise how posh this part of Goa is. We often misunderstand Goa with a place that would just offer cheap beer, party scenes and hippies all around. Goa is also about peace, luxurious experiences, the private beach feels and water sports obviously. We do not mean to defame North Goa or point out anything against it, because North Goa is undoubtedly happening but we are just trying to bring your attention towards the lesser seen and mentioned South Goa.

1. Traffic Free Roads in South Goa.

Roads in South Goa are free of traffic, with minimum traffic signals and almost no jams. So, you can enjoy walking, cycling or driving in Nature passing through beautiful colonial structures of Goa.
2. South Goa is less crowded.
People have started travelling back to Goa and things are even complicated now as they were during the lock down as you cannot avoid human interaction while travelling. So, in that matter, South Goa is very less crowded and you can spend good times with your closed ones avoiding unnecessary interaction and crowd.
3. Cleaner Beaches.
Although beaches are comparatively cleaner in South Goa and “Varca Beach” is what we recommend to you as it is extremely clean and less crowded, you would feel like you are on your own private beach.

4. Comparatively Expensive.

South Goa is comparatively expensive than North Goa. Even if we talk about accommodations, it is home to a lot of five-star properties around and this is the reason for the hike in prices. 
5. Peaceful than another part.
People Go bananas just by hearing the word Goa and all that we think about is party, dance and all kinda fun but for those who want to look at all of this from a distance and yet take a feel of it, South Goa is the answer. You can actually take a feel of Goa here without any hassle.

All the regular stuff that travellers look for in Goa like Casino’s, Water sports, Drinks and parties can be found in any part of the Goa so the choice is yours. Any place in Goa state is worth the money and your excitement, so do not think twice before planning a trip to Goa.