With worn-out faces and overtired bodies, sweat dripping, and adrenaline rushing in the body, the bikers forget all their strain as soon as they witness the splendid mountains. That’s the magic of the adventure called mountain biking. Though this adventure is popular in the Himalayan region of India, the diverse landscape of the country offers other unforgiving paths for a thrill ride.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was a challenging year and now we all need a legitimate break. From social distancing to travel restrictions and lockdown, everything was exhausting. Lack of physical activity and home quarantine has made us dull and monotonous. A change of scenery and some energetic exercise is the need of the hour to prepare ourselves for the new year. Hence, we need an escape to unknown lands, get some fresh air, find solitude among nature, and try to freshen our body and soul in a relaxing atmosphere. So, to spice things up, let’s start the new year with the thrilling adventure of mountain biking.
Mountain biking is a sport of cycling off-roads across streams and terrains on specially designed bicycles. It requires a lot of practice and stamina in the beginning but it gets easier and a lot more fun with time. Not only it’s a good exercise but also an easy way to overcome your fears. Many trails and terrains in India are specifically facilitated for mountain biking where you can experience this nerve-wrecking experience.
India is home to the majestic Himalayan ranges with bumpy roads and uneven terrains which serve as the perfect spot for mountain biking. Many tourists partake in this thrill ride in groups and enjoy every little element of the ride. The tall oak trees, sloppy roads, snowy mountains, a wide range of flora and fauna, and narrow alleys make the ride more exciting. Apart from it, the most hospitable people from the remote villages will give you a taste of the delicacies of the unexplored villages. The vibrant sunrise and the extensive sunset will leave you flabbergasted and the green limitless meadows along with the sparkling rivers will tempt your heart to stay there forever.
To begin with, you can get your backpack ready with the trekking essentials, buy a decent Mountain bike, leave your cramped cities, and explore the trails with rejuvenating sights to soothe your mind. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a wide range of terrains and cycling trails from different parts of the country. Some of the top mountain biking destinations in India are:
Prior to taking up mountain trekking, acquire preparation, see how wounds happen, ride inside the degree of your ability, and expertise in getting off securely from the bicycle. Moreover, utilizing well-fitted defensive individual gear while mountain biking, for example, caps, body protection, and mouthguards, can diminish your danger of injury. Additionally, the use of lower body protection equipment is highly recommended as it can diminish your danger of injury in the portion.
If you also wish to try this fun sport, look out for the biker groups, and train yourself. It’s easier said than done. You should be all geared up with safety kits and bike repairing tools in the worst-case scenario. Though it might sound scary but not only mountain biking dangerous but also a test of your courage and resistance. So, prepare yourself to get lost in the solitude of the valleys and find your true self in the journey.
Munnar, Kerala
Gangtok, Sikkim
Garhwal region, Uttarakhand
Kumaon region, Uttarakhand
Leh, Ladakh
Coorg, Karnataka
Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh