We have all heard, be the change you want to see, and Shubhi Jain leads by example. The 24-year-old, social activist, entrepreneur, and a student has many feathers on her cap. She is a national level, volleyball, kho-kho, long jump, and triple jump player, interested in extracurriculars since childhood. She is an active traffic volunteer with the Indore Police, and an entrepreneur currently.

Q. Tell us something about yourself, and how your traffic volunteering journey started.

A. I am Shubhi Jain, an Indore Traffic Police Volunteer. Basically, I was born and brought up in Bina, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. I graduated there as well. Later, I shifted to Indore for coaching for Management entrances and I got into Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune.
However, I shifted to Indore for a social internship, where I was working for Robin Hood Army. But, I wanted to try volunteering for Indore Police, it already had some volunteers working for it. I came and I realised people are trying but the response was not what was expected. Then, we analysed and made a plan. Now, the plan has been working and we are taking that ahead.
After finishing my graduation, I started my own venture, Maali Wala. Although most of the time goes for the startup, I make sure I take time for this in the evening.

Q. Why do you choose to keep doing Traffic Volunteering? What is your mantra behind this motivation?

A. I try to give back to society. That’s the principle I like to work by. I don’t get any financial returns, but I do get a lot of love and respect. The feeling of seeing people getting happy is something that matters. Like, when I thank people for something that they have been doing for their own well-being, they feel good. And, that makes me feel better. I also tell people who aren’t following the rules to politely do it next time, and this actually makes them think and act accordingly.
Every single day, I become a better version of myself. My motto is to help at least one person a day! If not for others, do it for yourself. Act socially responsible for your own sake. To run a huge machine, you need many small parts. So if you play the role of that single part, you are as important as the big ones in the game.

Q. What are the skills involved in traffic volunteering? How do you keep yourself safe?

A. If you want to be a volunteer, you can come up and sign up, you just need to be mindful and a little careful, as we work on roads. Moreover, there are no scripts to be followed. Just, saying a simple thank you with a smile does wonders. Also, when we appreciate those who are doing right, others are motivated to do the same.
I also stay careful. I have a quick reflex sense and a 360-degree vision. So, I always have an eye all around and this helps me move quickly, and react instantly. Because, if I want to save others’ lives I need to be careful and safe myself, first. I also have set life-saving points, which acts as an indication of my limits and I move accordingly.

Q. What is your entrepreneurial venture about? Can you tell us something about that?

The entrepreneurial venture is called Maati Wala. With this, we help people give their place a green makeover of homes, and garden makeover services, inching towards sustainable living. This helps people get their aesthetic requirements fulfilled, in an eco-friendly way.

Q. In all this, how do you spend time for yourself? What are your hobbies?

Ans. I don’t really get time for myself. But, when I’m free, I like to travel. I take off to some quiet place and listen to music. I love to do some sports activities, gardening, and of course, watching Prithviraj Chauhan episodes.

Q. Doing all this, would not have been possible without your family, tell us about your family.

Ans. So, I live in Indore and my family is in Bina. There are six people in our family including me, my father, ma, aunt, and a younger brother. My sister got married. Generally, we don’t get to spend time together, but I speak to them on call regularly. I discuss my business, career, and other things. My father is a successful businessman and my idol as well. I just love talking to him and learning from his experience.
My family supported me in what I chose to do. They did not restrict me from getting on the roads for this. Also, with this platform, I would also like to thank DSP Umakant, who ensures every volunteer is on the road.

Q. Social Media is a significant part of our lives. How has your experience been on social media?

I think people should use it for the good. I have received quite many hate comments like rape threats and abuses. I only urge people not to misuse the platforms but respect women who choose to do service like me. I have been harassed as well. People have put up her morphed videos on adult platforms, which has been highly depressing. Which is actually, against the law. This is not about gender but about its effect on one’s mental health.
However, I will never back off because of such comments or others’ opinions. They should rather work on helping people who are doing such work than pulling them down. This demotivates people as well, we do not expect this from society when we are trying to make it better. Because not everyone is strong enough to ignore such comments and this is unacceptable.

Q. What is one message you would like to give the women and everyone else out there?

My message to every woman is, regret is the only thing that hurts the most in life. I too have spent time thinking what others will say, but irrespective of anything, if you know what you want and your destiny, you will feel it and you can do it. Be empowered and support other women. It is not giving motivation, but just living life by your own standards and becoming a better version of yourself.
In conclusion, I would just like to tell you all, there are accidents that happen every day. We have lost so many lives due to such negligence. But, these remain simply as stories to us. Think of this as your story, and stay careful and alert always. Wear your helmets, seat belts and mask yourself up at all times. Shubhi is an inspiration to all of us. While we just keep wondering who will change the world, she has taken the step to lead by example. All of us know the importance of road safety, but it takes people like Shubhi for us to ensure that we do it properly. All of us are social beings and we need to give back to society in one way or the other, let us take inspiration from her and make this world a better place.