If we look at our society a couple of years back, it was difficult to even imagine electronic solutions. Be it an electronic visiting card or an e-ticket or an e-book, we must acknowledge our acceptance towards the electronic version of everything around, if you still doubt e-services, you must change your mind-set as we are approaching an era where even our currency is going to get electronic. Hard to believe this?
Every great idea was once hard to digest. Like an idea of P&M Designs by Tanvi Aggarwal. 
Tanvi is an Entrepreneur from New-Delhi who thought of an idea before anyone could, an idea of creating exclusive e-Invites! Being a professional designer Tanvi believes in creating beautiful creatives and could see the future of the design industry. It was difficult for her to make people understand the importance of e-invites and e-cards at first as most of the occasions in India where people are invited are culturally associated and it has become an orthodox tradition to send people physical invites even if it goes directly to the trash the very next day. 
Time has totally changed now, e- invites are not just a convenient option but the need of the hour. Pandemic has taught us to avoid touching unnecessary objects. 
“My idea has now become convincing and the number of my clients are increasing significantly. Also, people are using e-invites for a long time now but it will mostly be a used template attached with an emailer of just a jpeg file that is spread all around in google as there is no one who is specifically working on this. I am fond of designs as a designer and my objective is to satisfy my clients through my designs. I make video invites, animated designs and even customize things as per the creative requirements of my clients. I understand the urge to get your designs immediately on your engagement or on the delivery of your first child hence I am available 24×7 for all my people and willing to do even more” – says Tanvi
What is so different with P&M?
1) Invitations innovated exclusively for you.
2) Invitations in all videos, graphics, animations and a lot more.
3) Invitations for all kinds of occasions and 24×7 services.
4) Customise your invitations in detail, as per your creative requirements.
5) Extremely convenient communication.
Here are some reviews of satisfied clients.
Ms. Sanchita Singh :
Really good experience with P&M designs by Tanvi. After coming across her design work we were 100% sure that we wanted our invite to be made by her. Tanvi made our save the date video and card and it came out really well. The changes were incorporated almost instantly and she delivered an awesome video with impressive timelines. Thanks P&M design.
Ritika Singh:
Tanvi is amazing at her work. Our video invite came out beautifully and everyone loved it. We wanted every little detail to be perfect and she was completely patient with us throughout. I haven’t met a more professional person than her. She tested positive for Covid-19 during the making but she continued to work on the video and ensured there was no delay and all the changes we asked from her are completed to perfection even in those trying times! Keep Going Tanvi”