OLA, an Indian multinational ride-sharing company, has now entered the electric vehicle industry with a vision of building world-class products to counter the increasing environmental effects. And its CEO Bhavish Aggarwal wants all of us in the nation to be a part of this revolutionary moment, shifting to EVs, as vehicles alone are contributing to 40% of India’s total pollution. He is very aspirational to bring a scooter that fits into our current lifestyle. One of its promising models is OLA S1 PRO, let’s have a look at why it’s been more popular in recent days.

Unmatching speed

Most of us have not inclined to adopt EVs, because of their low speeds. OLA S1 PRO has addressed this problem by inducing a powerful motor(8.5kw peak power) which enabled it to achieve a maximum speed of 115 Kmph. It also has the highest pickup, up to 40 Kmph within 0 to 3 sec. Once it’s fully charged, you can travel up to 181 Km.

Futuristic design

It has got iconic features with compact and neat finishing overall, available in 9 splendid color Variants such as midnight blue, anthracite grey, millennial pink. Splashing LED headlight added a modernistic look and got up a boot space of 36L where you can easily place two helmets, and an ergonomic design that comforts your seating. It has received German Design Award in 2020 for its sustainability, design, and innovation.

Proximity unlock

Digital key is one of the coolest features it had, which automatically locks your scooter when you move out of its designated vicinity and unlocks when you arrive close to it. This mechanism relies on your phone, which is connected to a scooter via the internet or Bluetooth. Apart from this, you can also manually unlock by using the app or using the display provided in the scooter.

Touchscreen display

It has a 7-inch touch screen display, powered by 1.8 GHz Octacore processor and 3 GB Ram supporting LTE, BLE (Bluetooth low energy), and GPS technologies. It works with MOVE OS, which was created by OLA. This display enables you to take calls and navigate through places using maps. You can also update your location to those in your contact list, on go, using the display. You can also share the map on to the screen directly from your mobile app, from any place before you start your journey.

AI speech recognition and built-in speakers

You can activate your Ola by saying “HEY OLA ! ’’. It plays your favorite song, and shows directions to your destination, and also receives your call. You will receive suggestions regarding charging stations available nearby you. Things made simpler, with this voice control feature. It has got up built-in speakers which never makes your ride boring !.

Alert systems

Tamper alert system activates when someone tries to steal your scooter. An alert is sent to your mobile as sensors detect an irregular moment, which is caused by the robbers in an attempt to steal it. Along with this, it also provides an alert to display on the scooter, during your drive, if the side stand is not taken off.

Refresh your mood

OLA doesn’t want to make your riding experience boring, so it has introduced some customized sounds that power your mood during your drive. Each of them will take you to the world of racing, sci-fi, vintage, eco, and many more. Who wants to miss some crazy features like this !.

Dynamic stability

You can drive with utmost stability because the scooter is designed to possess a low center of gravity. Some added features make your ride safe and comfortable. You can reverse your bike during parking in and out, by just twisting your throttle in the opposite direction. The bike automatically holds a grip when you pause on slippery slope surfaces.
We also exhaust by holding your throttle for a long time, can use this cruise mode that gets activated, and your bike drives with the same speed at which you shifted to this mode. This enables your hand to get some relaxation during the long drives.

Hypercharger Network

Charging is one of the pivotal areas in the EV sector, and OLA S1 PRO takes around 6.5 hours to fully charge its battery of capacity 3.97KWh by using a 750W charging adapter. This charging capability can be enhanced by using Hyper charging stations, where it takes 18 minutes to charge your battery up to 50% of its capacity, so you can drive up to 75 Km.
OLA is going to set up 10,000 charging points across the country, which boosts up the major requirement of EV consumers. This OLA hypercharger network is built with high-end technological infrastructure and is set up at malls, colleges, IT parks, and public areas. Where the process is more automated, and it’s charging costs around 4,104 Rs for an entire year, comparatively 4 times lesser than the fuel costs.