Jawai is a small village in the Sumerpur Tehsil in Pal district, Rajasthan. This beautiful village is named after the river flowing in the vicinity. The area is also known as Jawai Dam as it is settled near the dam. The dam was built by the Maharaja of Jodhpur, Umaid Singh, and embraces an area of 500 square kilometres. As Jawai is located at the embankment, it allows you the privilege of a beautiful river view, surrounded by hills and granite rock. 
Jawai is also known as the winter paradise for emigrating birds as over 100 birds species visit, every year. It is also the sanctuary for various wild animals such as Wolves, Bears, Nilgai, Chinkaras, Hyenas, and Panthers.

Tourist Attraction in Jawai

1) Jawai Bandh- The biggest dam in West Rajasthan, the construction of Jawai Bandh began on May 12, 1946, and was completed in 1957. It is constructed across the tributary of Luni, Jawai river. If you are looking for the perfect spot to watch the majestic river and the glorious wildlife, you should visit this place. You can easily spot birds and crocodiles. My one of the favourite part of Jawai Bandh is that it offers the complete view of the village.  
2) Dev Giri Temple- Situated amidst the rocks this majestic temple is dedicated to Ashapura Mata Ji. Locals believe that she shields the village from calamities. Surprisingly, you will also find Leopards and other wild creatures as loyal visitors of the temple. It is a temple that gives both peace and goosebumps to its invitees.
3) Leopards- If you are as fascinated with Leopards as I am, then Jawai is heaven for you. They live in harmony with humans and are treated with the same respect. The Leopards don’t attack the humans or their cattle and the locals also don’t disturb the habitat of these beautiful giant cats. You can watch them during the day and be mesmerized by their every move without being afraid of being attacked. 
4) Crocodile- Remember the time when you used to visit a zoo to watch crocodiles? Well, a better experience is waiting at Jawai for you. You can find them relaxing under the sun and hunting on the river banks.
5) Colourful birds-As I have mentioned above, Jawai is heaven for migrating birds. My favourite months for visiting Jawai are between October and March. During these six months, you can find beautiful and colourful vacationists including flamingos, spot bill duck, knob-billed duck, common eastern crane, sarus crane, bar-headed geese, and many more. Beautiful birds flocking their way, wild animals gloriously resting near the river creates an environment that will take your breath away. It is a perfect view for wildlife enthusiasts. 
6) Tribal Excursion- The natives of Jawai are tribals who have embraced the life of being close to nature and their lands. They for their living do farming, rear cattle, and cook their meal on earthen hearths. 
These are just a few of the tourist attractions that Jawai has to offer. If you are looking for a place to skip your hectic city life, this is your heaven.