Especially students, the traveling birds seem to rest in their nests since the last year, 2020 waiting for Covid-19 effects to, reduce. Due to this vicious pandemic, we have been compelled to live in seclusion and our expectations of traveling have also been put on hold or suppressed. Boarding International travel destinations seem far from our budget and also cannot be chased at this hour. It is notified not to travel in the current circumstances but we can scrutinize some budget-friendly, domestic destinations within our budget range while practicing precautionary safety measures to persist untangled from the disastrous pandemic. As many Indian states are witnessing unlocking phases, so let’s delve into some mesmerizing and beautiful destinations to visit post lockdown. Destinations that are heavy on serene nature and low on student’s pockets.
Let’s take a glimpse at our top 3 suggested destinations that attract travelers, especially students from every corner.

1. Puducherry

A silent hub for restoring mental peace. Its spiritual sceneries and enthralling beaches display a perfect example of pristine beauty. It’s hard to describe its jaw-dropping gorgeousness that blesses the soul of the tourists. Its special aura greets the visitors in prosperity. It is surrounded by harmonious resorts and unspoiled beaches. It delivers rich and splendid sightseeing. Puducherry consists of magnificent temples and remarkable architectural sculptures. Despite this, it has a perfect blend of luscious cuisines. Absolutely a true backpack’s spot.
Splendid tourist places- Paradise Beach, Auroville, Arikamedu Stay: Comfortable compartment or cottage stay at INR 300 or avail for pocket-friendly hotels ranging from INR 500 onwards. Food: Availability of Indian tadka in French cuisine beginning at INR 200-300 for two people.


Sikkim is the home to alluring serene beauty. The second smallest charismatic state in the country, well appreciated for planning a blissful holiday tour. Sikkim seems to be cuddled by the surrounding enchanting Himalayas, showcasing its gurgling rivers, deep valleys, and immersive greenery. This prismatic serene city proposes engrossing adventure activities like Mountain biking river rafting, trekking, and other lumps full of recreations.
Popular sightseeing destinations – Gantok, Yuksom, Nathula pass One of the cheapest yet beautiful place to visit.
Stay: Pocket-friendly hotel’s availability starts at INR 600 and along with facilitates offered goes up. There are dorms available for temporary stay ranging from INR 120 or INR 250 for single rooms. Food: Ton of cheap food being served, momos being the local and native food here. On average, INR 100 for a meal.

3. Himachal Pradesh

Do you also wish to play hide and seek amidst snow-capped mountains? Inarguably, Himachal Pradesh has a picturesque town enveloped by nurturing greenery, spectacular mountains, and fascinating gardens. Its hells cape contribute to the painting of the navy blue sky. It is often expressed as a place filled with tranquility and situated in the lap of nature, a treasure of nature. The visitors are beheld by its captivating breathtaking views. Its charming best-owned images will make you fall in love with it!
Famous tourist attractions- Kullu Manali, Dharamshala, Shimla
Stay:  Budget-friendly hotel availability commences from INR 700. Shared rooms and dorm stay are also facilitated to the travelers at a minimum cost ranging from INR 200 and above. Food: Varieties of cheap and hygienic street foods are available, costing hardly INR 150 per meal.
It’s nerve-wracking sitting alone and killing our social life in our houses due to the onset of this lethal virus. Although, these travel destinations excite you but it is recommended to pack your luggage after the end of the prolonged covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, procrastinate on your travel destinations. Stay indoors, stay safe.