Dr. Madhubrata Ghosh works as ER-Registrar in Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune. Dr. Ghosh has treated innumerable cover patients in past one year and she shared her incomparable experiences with us.

Dr. Madhu says


I wanted to be a trauma surgeon and the first trauma I got to manage on my own was exhilarating. Before I got to handle more traumas Covid happened. For more than a year I have been fighting for the patients with my fellow doctors and staff and it’s been overwhelming to say the least. It’s exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally. So one fine day, I decided that let’s do something fun like dressing up everyday in fun new outfits, colouring my hair bright or dancing with, and for the patients as well. I know it was stupid but slowly I started getting into a better mood not to mention bring a small amount of hope to my patients and their relatives. I wasn’t taught in medical school to convince anyone that Hey I’m pricking you with this needle to make you better. With all the ups and downs in my own life I know i wasn’t allowed to empathise with my patients but yes I knew how it felt on the other side to be told something like “your relative is critical”. So yes, I may not be allowed to be emotionally connected but I could be kind because I know a little bit of kindness goes a long way. As I grew into my teens I had an interest in high fashion and started experimenting with my own clothes because being an obese tee, I did not fit into the clothes that were designed by the then trending fashion brands. I realised I had to create my own style which had to be unique. As a doctor in India I realised there is a deep rooted stereotype in the minds of the people which showed doctors to be unfashionable. Fashion doesn’t mean flashy. Why do we look up to superheroes in comics and also why do they always wear something unique and colourful because that’s their label and that symbolises a sense of security, hope and recognition.  I never wanted to blend into a crowd. I was always different right from childhood which has morphed and integrated into my adult self. I have mutated my fashion over years and that’s what keeps it fluid. It’s always changing its always moving.I know I can only hope that the situation gets better that people are mass vaccinated”.