The whole humanity was stuck to a halt during the dawn of 2020 when the world was hit with the outbreak of the deadly and extremely contagious Coronavirus or Covid-19. Started off from the city of Wuhan in China, the virus spread like a wild fire all over the globe. The first wave emerged in the month of February, 2020 and caused a lot of misery and chaos worldwide. Once when things were looking better almost after 6 months of the first wave, cases started to rise up again as the lockdown was eased up. The second wave was here in no time and it was as destructive as the first wave causing more damage to the youngsters and healthy people. The second wave seemed to come under control after its dreadful peak in the month of March and April. Things were just looking to come back to a good place after the month of May when the cases saw a drop. But is it really over?

SPIKE IN CASES - Moving Towards The Third Wave?

After almost half of the month of June where cases were dropping down, the numbers saw a slight inline, indicating a probable third wave of the life- threatening coronavirus. As time passed by, India saw nearly a 50% rise in its cases which is something to worry about. The nation recorded a whopping 43,654 cases on Wednesday, 28th July. There was also a slight rise in the number of deaths in the country. According to the data provided by the Union Health Ministry of India, the nation agonizingly reported 640 deaths in the past 24 hours. This has once again become an issue to worry about. It is evident from the second wave that an ease up in the lockdown can ignite the spark again. The active cases number in India right now is 3,99,436. If this is how the cases are going to rise, a third wave of this pernicious biohazard could be possible.

What The Experts Have To Say

India has seen 26 million cases in total. We can see that there is a chance of a third wave but the experts have a different take on this. According to Dr. Samiran Panda of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), there are chances of a third wave of coronavirus but it is possible to avoid it. It is not totally inevitable. A third wave as deadly as the second one is only possible if we come across a new variant of the virus. Similar thoughts were shared by Dr. Jugal
Kishore Head of Community Medicine Department in Safdarjung Hospital. He mentioned that there were no significant changes seen in the ‘delta’ and the ‘delta+’ variant. So, a third wave is least expected. A large number of people in India have developed the antibodies from the first and second wave but it is not yet safe to keep our guards down as the cases are once again spiking up. With an ease in lockdown for the inexorable economic activities, it is the responsibility of the people to follow all the precautions so we as a whole can put an end to this death-dealing and deleterious pandemic once and for all!

Word from doctor's desk

The time in this pandemic has been painful and hurtful for everyone in the world but a doctor’s feelings were hurt the most. Dr. Payal Debbarma is one of the frontline fighters who shared her point of view on this horrendous pandemic. She said that there is one person who worries more than doctors themselves; their parents. Dr. Payal’s mom called her and asked her whether they will see her again as she was scared for the uncertainties that could occur. As she was a heart patient from quite a young age, people asked her to take breaks, but her first priority is helping her patients. She was very hurt seeing young children and old people getting infected by the virus. But there was this positive attitude all the patients had, a faith in the higher power, a faith that kept their hopes up high. Dr. Payal was touched by a couple who tested positive. They did not really care about what is going to happen, they just wanted to be with each other. The husband demanded to be with his wife and staying together they kept each other busy. They walked off the hospital holding hands and seeing that really brought joy to Dr. Payal and the whole staff there.
Just like Dr. Payal, many such doctors go through so much despair every day because of this cruel pandemic. Only the citizens can put an end to this once and for all by taking all the precautions and free out frontline workers from this hell.