Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, International travel is not a deal to chase during this widespread scenario. It is instructed not to travel in the existing scenario. Still, we can scrutinize some different destinations within our home country while exercising cautious measures to remain untouched from the fatal pandemic. Here is the list of guidelines on domestic travel.
All travellers shall be instructed to download the Arogya Setu app on their portable gadgets.
Adequate amount of proclamation about COVID-19 comprising precautionary calculations to be pursued in the premises of public transportation stations, (like airports, railway stations, bus stops, and in flights, trains, buses.)
Thermal screening to be guaranteed by the States/UTs stating that all passengers should undergo the produce at the time of departure. Also, only passengers who are asymptomatic are authorized to get on, travel via flight, train and bus.
All the passengers are requested to use face covers or masks during the entire travel journey or boarding. They shall also be obeying safety measures such as hygiene of hands and belongings, respiratory sanitation, and conserve environmental cleansing too.
At public premises such as airports, railway stations, bus stops one is compelled to assure physical or social distancing and keep in mind safety precautions.
No opportunity should be left to sanitize, disinfect, or clean airports, railway stations, bus stops.
Sufficient availability and distribution of soaps, sanitizers, and disinfectants shall be confirmed before boarding.
Proper thermal screening to be organized at the departure or exit gates.
Asymptomatic passengers will also be authorized to travel only on the word if they follow self-monitoring properly. for a period of 2 weeks. In case, if they cultivate any indications or symptoms, they shall immediately report the district surveillance officer or the state or make a call to the national call center at 1075.
Passengers who tested symptomatic will be undergoing a short isolation period and will be shifted to the closest health care institution. They will be evaluated for clinical stringency at the Health Care Centre.
Passengers showing intermediate or serious health indications will be acknowledged to committed COVID Health institutions and will be governed consequently depending upon the need.
Passengers indicating benign symptoms will be provided with the alternative of either opting for home isolation, home quarantine, or solitude in the Covid Care Centre (including both public & private facilities) as relevant and authentic as per ICMR protocol. Please visit the following link for more information. https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/Revisedtestingguidelines
In case, passengers are found to be tested positive, they will be diagnosed in the nearest, COVID Care Centre and will be supervised as per clinical procedures.
If negative against the vaccine, then the passenger may be permitted to go home, isolate themselves from rest, and self-monitor their health condition for additional 7 days. If in this period, any symptoms evolve they shouldn’t be late and inform about their condition to the district surveillance officer or make a call to the state/national call center.
States can also formulate their individual protocols with concerns to quarantine and isolation according to the passenger’s health inspection.