Secret hallway corridors, mysterious passcodes, and confidential cabins. Uncovering these diners will bring in that feeling as if you’ve reached the right place in the interior of a thriller movie.
The concept of Speakeasies came up during the late 1920s. These cafeterias or restaurants were concealed or hidden, with covert entrances that compelled you to know the password to enter them.
Though the denial or prohibition is long over, the notion continued to be the same. These days speakeasy bars and pubs prevail, all for the delight facet.
So we’re disclosing the secret entrances to these wonderful speakeasies. If you are fond of going to hidden locations then this one is for you. about. All the speakeasies that we have mentioned are found in India and you can book the tickets immediately.

1. Cocktails and Dreams located in Gurgaon

2. PDT, Please Don’t Tell, located in Mumbai

Placed in Pheonix mills, the term itself is a giveaway to the speakeasy essence of the bar. Once in the maze that is Pheonix mills, you have to maintain your eyes open for a paan store. From there you’ll be lead to a rosy phonebooth where you have to slap in the code to get it. Inside an industrially designed fashion décor, with ingenious cocktails and some decent time are waiting for your presence.

3. PCO located in New Delhi

To discover the site of this area, you really require to have relations with someone in the internal sphere of the PCO followers. Invisible and far away in the darkness of impenetrable storefronts, it is very simple to lose track. The password here alters sooner than you can cook instant noodles, so make sure you receive the privileged one. Once inside, the old-fashioned retro theme with distinct furnishings and phone booths will snatch your awareness for a long.

4. The Local located in Mumbai

Placed in Colaba, this bar has an entrance pad located exteriorly where the passcode has to be punched in to attain accessibility. The password undergoes modification every week. The interior décor is left undeveloped with Banksy street art covering the walls. This bar has karaoke features too.

5. The Dirty Martini located in Delhi

After you discover the opening in a posterior hallway, you step through the kitchens to eventually enter the inner part of this restaurant. And once you do, it’s more like you have been teleported to 1920’s America where the refusal is still in-game. Alcohol, liquor, and beverages are fulfilled in delicacy teacups and a jazz singer decked up in jewels croons away to interval music. Visit this bar to gain a covert experience