If you are travelling to the north eastern part of India, you would not want to miss the the most beautiful and naturally gifted place in the country. Yes, we are talking about Manipur! The name ‘Manipur’ means “a jeweled town” and the natural beauty, the people there and the tourist attractions there prove why it is named that way. The place is easy to reach as it is connected to the world by road, railways and air transport. The capital of Manipur, Imphal is located just 39km away from the lake and it is just a one and a half hour’s drive. If one plans a trip to this elegant state, there are some places the person should surely visit. Religious places like Bishnupur, a heaven for trekkers at Thoubal, the hometown of the tropical bird Hornbill and many more. One location which is a major tourist attraction of Manipur is the Loktak Lake.


Loktak Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes that India has. Situated in at Moirang in Manipur, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Manipur. It is known for the floating swamps and the houses, locally known as ‘phumdis’. The fact that people live in these floating homes is quite amazing. These swamps are made up of soil, organic matter and some vegetation that the people grow there. This place also offers a very unique attraction; a floating national park. The Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating national park in the world. It beholds the most royal and an endangered species of animal; the brow-antlered deer or as they say in the local tongue- Sangai. It is also the state animal of Manipur. The prestigious lake offers a colossal number species of flora and fauna. It has nearly 230 species of different types of aquatic plants, 100 different species of birds and around 400 different species of animals. If someone visits the place, they can encounter some Barking Deers, the graceful Sambar and if you are having a good day you might also see the destructive Indian Python. The lake is a home to some ravishing birds like the East Himalayan Pier Kingfisher, black Kites, the North Hill Mynas, Burmese Pied Mynas and the little Skylark.


Tourists visiting the place can enjoy the calmness of the lake and the charming nature in a long fishing boat. People interested in spending their time sitting by the lake and catching fishes can visit the Fishermen island nearby the lake. Near to the lake, people visiting the place can spend their time in the Indian National Army Museum looking at some letters, photographs and badges of the brave Indian Army. The place is pleasant throughout the year to visit. In winters the temperature can go down to 0 degrees and in summers the maximum is 35 degrees Celsius. But the place has a tropical monsoon like climate mostly with annual rainfall of 1183mm. A trip to this place for your own calmness can be very helpful. The aesthetics of this place will make you want to stay there!