Even after having so many convenient applications in our phone, you would agree that we still find so many difficulties at times, while travelling. 
From one of our recent experiences in Chandigarh, we are sure that OLA or Cabs at Airport might put you in a dilemma in the middle of nowhere.
We were travelling to Himachal Pradesh from Indore last month. The route was Indore-Chandigarh via plane then Chandigarh to Dharamshala via bus. Bus timings are pretty odd from Chandigarh as most of the buses (Private Volvo) originate from Delhi. Our bus was scheduled at 01:55 and we reached Chandigarh airport at 6pm. We could wait at the airport till 11pm but since there were no further flights, security asked us to wait outside. Looking at the timings of our bus we scheduled an OLA cab for 12:30 but they cancelled the ride and we were unable to find any other cab. Taxi services at the airport were not operating, so we tried calling each and every number but nothing really worked out and we were told that it is difficult to get a ride before 6am. We could not even think of walking with so much luggage in an unknown city at night.
We were literally stuck, it looked difficult to catch the bus, till we met a guy who suggested downloading InDriver instead of trying for OLA. We booked a cab through InDriver in 5mins and reached the bus pick up stop in 25 minutes. Cab driver also suggested we use InDriver in Chandigarh to get rides 24×7.
So do not struggle to find a cab anytime in Chandigarh. You know the drill now!