With a heritage of more than 125 years, the grand Aga Khan Palace in Pune lives as a stunning testament to past, lineage, and architecture. At the exact time, its function in the country’s independence movement positions it amongst the most substantial junctures in India’s contemporary history. The mansion had once been administered as a jail where Mahatma Gandhi and other distinguished leaders of the independence debate were roomed. Nowadays, it fulfills as the bureau of the Gandhi National Memorial Society and is an outstanding visitor’s interest in Pune. If you are scheduling to book your hotels in Pune for a trip, formulate sure to comprise it in your itinerary.

Peeking for additional circumstances on this prime chronological allure in Pune? Pune’s Aga Khan Palace, encompassing its history, architecture, timings, admission fee, and other interesting and lesser-known validities.

The architecture of Aga Khan Palace

Placed within a sprawling campus, the mansion is realized for its gorgeous Islamic technique architecture. It is discovered on 19 acres of land that includes comprehensive, well-maintained gardens. The central building is assembled on a region of 7 acres and has 5 huge halls. One of the distinguishing details of the mansion architecture is its Italian style curves. A broad hallway of 2.5-meter width envelops the entire building.

The mansion is a three-storied configuration with a ground area of 1756 sq. meters for the floor. The first floor of the mansion wraps a floor area of 1080 sq. meters while the next floor is built on 445 sq. meters.

How is Aga Khan Palace, Pune Presently

Presently, the Aga Khan Palace attends to as a monument to Gandhiji and his ideologies and is one of the main historical spots in Pune. The samadhis or tombs of Kasturba Gandhi, and Mahadevbhai Desai are discovered within the palace assumptions. There is a samadhi is devoted to Mahatma Gandhi as well, where his ashes are maintained.

The palace also dwells a museum where a prosperous exhibition of memorabilia pertained to Gandhiji is conserved and exhibited. This encompasses photographs, resemblances, and his private commodities like clothes, appliances, slippers, and a letter formulated by him on his secretary’s death. There is actually a shop within the area where costumes made of handloom cloths and khadi are auctioned.

Every morning, prayer rounds are carried at Gandhiji’s Samadhi, which is accompanied by a huge number of people. The quantity of attendees boosts by many crumples on 2nd October on the circumstance of Gandhiji’s birth anniversary.

What are the Annual Events Celebrated at Aga Khan Palace, Pune currently?

Various public exhibitions are governed and commemorated at the mansion by the Gandhi Memorial Society. These encompass the following:

  • On 26th January Republic Day celebrations
  • On 30th January Martyr’s Day celebrations
  • Maha Shivratri
  • Independence Day celebrations on 15th August
  • Kasturbha Gandhi’s Death Anniversary which is commemorated as Mother’s Day
  • The Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s on 2nd October

Facts about Aga Khan Palace, Pune

  • The monuments for Gandhiji and his wife were constructed by a popular Indian inventor named Charles Correa.
  • Khadi making is one of the main actions carried out at the mansion even in the present day.
  • Gandhiji lifted the Congress flag at this mansion on 26th January in 1943 and on 26th January in 1944.
Picture Credits: Wikipedia