These days people love to learn about dark places and therefore the trend of dark tourism is soaring. Ghosts, spirits, and cursed places are exciting for some people while others prefer to stay away from these. But nothing in this world is as scary as a place whose existence has no scientific reason. Some brave hearts do consider it as a place of mass appeal while others like to keep a distance from these places. But the question for which even scientists are clueless is the undeniable mystery and enigma which these places hold. Nobody can tell how these places came into existence. Let’s have a tour of these ghostly places and let’s all get prepared to be mesmerised.

The Bermuda Triangle

How can we even start this list without topping this place? Considered to be one of the most mysterious places in the world, this place has its ghostly vibes. This area of about 500,000-metre square makes a perfect triangle between Bermuda, Peurto Rico and Miami, Florida. Around 500 ships and 200 airplanes have vanished inside this vacuum triangle and nobody knows the exact reason why and how. This unexplained theory is still prevalent in today’s era.

Door to hell, Turkmenistan

Also known as ‘The Darwaza Crater’, this huge yawning fiery crater believed to be 50 years old, holds its place in Turkmenistan. It is believed that on a full moon night its glare can be experienced even beyond 500 yards and there is no scientific reason as to how this fire is still burning even after 50 years. Scary, isn’t it?

Eternal flame Falls, Chestnut Ridge Park New York

While entering the route to Shale Creek in New York’s Chestnut Ridge Park, tourists get mesmerised by the sparkling free flame which continues to burn behind the waterfalls. The fact that the flame isn’t affected by the flow of water is a huge mystery to solve.

The Nazca lines Peru

Located in the dusty desert landscapes of Southern Peru, the Nazca lines are amongst the most mysterious and awesome prehistoric remains in all of South America. The level of mystery can be explained by the fact that after discovering it for 80 long years, scientists still couldn’t conclude as to why the ancient Naga people do it? What is the mystery behind these lines? Are these lines depicting offerings to God or symbols to find a hidden treasure? Nobody knows that.

Area 51 United States

What is the better way to end this list with a spookier place than this? Not only this place is mysterious but it is also believed to be the place of UFO and aliens citing. Claiming to be old as the 50s era, some people believe this area to be a time traveller or a weather control station but for some, it has some paranormal vibe which visitors can’t deny. Whatever this place maybe but it surely has that ghostly vibes. Only brave-hearts desired these places as for us we are surely mesmerised by its unfathomable mystery but it is safe to say we are better far off!