1) As we all know that you are so keen on fashion and traveling. So what’s your favorite travel outfit of all times?

Ans. I am always enthusiastic and dressed up. So, depending upon where I am traveling to and how is the weather and climate of that place, I’ll have my outfits selected. And mostly, they’ll be pieces in themselves like, properly chosen outfits with matching shoes and accessories.

However, my all-time favorite travel outfit would be a cord set or anything oversized. I don’t mind experimenting with the colors and prints until the outfit is oversized. I feel that since oversized clothes are fashionable as well as super comfy, they should be preferred by others as well when they’re traveling.

2) You are a multitalented personality. From doing anchoring, dancing, music, to modeling, how do you spare time for travel?

Ans. Well, I enjoy doing all these activities and all of these little things make me happy. However, traveling makes me feel happier and carefree. And hence, no matter what, I always find time to travel and head out to see new places. I do this to feed my urge to see different places, big and small, meet new people, and allow my soul to soothe itself in that mesmerizing moment.

3) You have spent so many years in Dubai and traveled to many places. So what is the one place that you never get tired of visiting?

Ans. Apparently, I have spent many years in Dubai but practically, I have lived in Dubai. So, if you’re asking me to name one place in Dubai that I am never tired of visiting, it’s really difficult for me to tell. There is an endless list of places that I’d continue to visit as long as I can. Among those are all the places that I grew up in, like, it could be as simple as the parking lot where I used to play cricket while I was a child, or even go to take an Abra ride with my father on his way to work.

But apart from Dubai, I think I will never get tired of visiting the mountains and to be more specific, Bir billing as it’s got my heart. As a matter of fact, mountains have my heart.

4) You are fond of music and you play a lot of musical instruments. According to you, what is the role of music while traveling?

Ans. As you know, music plays an extremely important part in my life. I feel that everything in life has a rhythm and music to it. Every little thing living and breathing has music to it. So, I feel that every new place that I visit has a sound and a rhythm of its own. Also, with my instruments, I just try to play the rhythm of the place I am at. It’s a wonderful experience for me, however, sometimes I don’t get the chance to play music while I am traveling. But doesn’t matter where I am and what I am doing, music in itself never leaves me.

5) We know you as a hustler who is always on the move. So what do you miss the most in this quarantine and lockdown period?

Ans. Surely, I am a workaholic. I love working day in, day out. So yes, I definitely miss work the most but having said that I can’t be thankful enough for the work that has given me the life I am living today. People out there are in a lot of trouble and many are dying. The hospitals are overwhelmed and the people are crying for help. However, this pandemic has made me realized that I am so blessed that even in such difficult times, I am living in my house with safety and security.

6) What is the message that you want to give to our readers in these trying times?

Ans. Well, I have a lot to say to all our readers in these trying times. We all love our travel and trips, roaming around, seeing, and exploring the world. But as you know, we have in a way, brought all this upon ourselves. These times are very harsh and have imposed an alarming jolt on our lives, asking us to just stop and take a deep breath and reflect on ourselves and our lives. The world is reshaping and remolding, it is rejuvenating and changing with each and every passing second. Also, our world is not going to be the same now, things are going to be different. But hopefully, we’ll have better times ahead and we’ll be able to travel a lot, for sure. However, the need of the hour for all of us is to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. Hence, we have got to be responsible by staying indoors and staying safe.